Iffco Tokyo Health Insurance-Swasthiya Kavach-Review

Iffko Tokyo Health Insurance-Swasthiya Kavach-ReviewIffco Tokyo Health Insurance-Swasthiya Kavach-Review

Couple of months back, Iffco Tokyo has launched a new health insurance plan named Swasthiya Kavach Health Insurance which is the family floater plan. This is a family health insurance plan which covers hospitalization expenses, surgery and organ transplant expenses and critical illness benefits (optional) etc. How good is Iffco Tokyo Swasthiya Kavach Health Insurance plan? What are its pros and cons? What is the uniqueness in this Iffco Tokyo Health Insurance plan?

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Features of Iffco Tokyo Swasthiya Kavach Health Insurance plan

  • Health insurance plan that can be taken online.
  • It covers health insurance for the entire family of 2 adults and 2 children
  • Family floater available in 2 options, base plan and Wider plank
  • Sum Insured can be utilized by any of the family members
  • Critical Illness Benefits option with additional premium
  • Emergency assistance services in case of any urgent medical issues

What is covered under Iffco Tokyo Swasthiya Kavach Health Insurance?

  • Entry age – Minimum 18 years and maximum 60 years.  Children at 91 days to 23 years of age can be part of this plan.
  • Maximum renewals up to 65 years of age
  • The minimum sum insured is Rs 2 Lakhs and maximum is Rs 5 Lakhs.
  • Cashless transactions
  • You can get treatment in any network hospital across India.
  • Income tax benefit as per section 80D
  • Portability option available. In case you do not like the service, you can shift to any other health insurer and get similar benefits.
  • Policy is available only for 1 year period.
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses covered for 30 days
  • Post-hospitalization expenses are covered up to 30 days
  • 121 listed day care surgeries covered which is a unique feature of Iffco Tokyo Health insurance plan
  • Prescribed package charges of hospital for specific treatment for maximum of 80% of the sum insured or 80% of actual expenses which ever are less.
  • Pre-existing disease coverage after 4 continuous policy years with them
  • Domiciliary expenses up to 20% of the sum insured.
  • Dental surgery and treatment following an accident.

Additional coverage under Wider Plan

  • No claim bonus of 5% for every claim free year for maximum of 50% sum insured.
  • Free Health check-up after 4 claim free years
  • Additional floater critical illness sum insured covered whole family (optional)

Major exclusions in Iffco Tokyo Swasthiya Kavach Health Insurance

  • Does not cover the first 30 days from the policy date (except for accidental injuries).
  • Pre-existing diseases coverage waiting period is 4 years.
  • During first year of policy, any expenses towards treatment of tonsils, Gastric, Ulcer, any type of Breast bumps etc.
  • Exclusions for 2 years for specific diseases like cataract, hernia etc.
  • HIV or AIDS and related diseases not covered
  • Expenses relating to aesthetic treatment, cosmetic surgery, use of drugs etc. are not covered.
  • In the base plan, there is 2 years, excluding on treatment of blood cancer, heart disease and renal failure.

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Major limitations in this Iffco Tokyo Health Insurance Plan

  • Lifetime renewals are not available in this policy. When you are at young, you may not need much medical expenses, however, when you become older, it is very much required.
  • Cap on room rent, on-boarding benefits etc.

If a 40 year old wants to cover his family under this health insurance (self + wife + 2 children), the premium works out to be Rs 7,777 (Excl taxes) for Rs 5 Lakhs sum assured.  

More details can be found at Iffko Tokyo brochure of this health insurance plan

Conclusion: Iffco Tokyo Health insurance plan, Swasthiya Kavach, is one of the best health insurance plan among the health insurance plans available. Premiums are also low. However the major drawback is life long renewals cannot be done in this.  One can consider this plan after considering the drawbacks indicated above. Alternatively you can consider Apollo Munich Optima Restore Family floater plan which is also similar to this but with added features, however comes with higher premiums.

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Iffco Tokyo Health Insurance-Swasthiya Kavach-Review

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