How to withdraw EPF Online as per new Rules in 2020 during Coronavirus

How to withdraw EPF Online – 3 Months Wages or 75percent of EPF corpus whichever is lower
How to withdraw EPF Online – 3 Months Wages or 75percent of EPF corpus whichever is lower

How to withdraw EPF Online as per New EPF Rules in 2020?

Few days back, Finance Minister indicated that due to the Covid-19 crisis, it has relaxed EPF rules in 2020 where one can withdraw 75% of corpus or 3 months of wages whichever is lower. Since many of us might be struggling for funds now, you can check if you want to use this option which can help you during this crisis situation. In this article, we would provide who is eligible to withdraw this money and how to apply to claim this 3 months wages or 75% of EPF corpus and withdraw this amount from EPF online.

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What are EPF Withdrawal Rules and amended rules in 2020?

While there are specific guidelines about EPF withdrawal, considering the current situation finance minister has proposed to amend the EPF withdrawal guidelines indicating as non refundable advances. One can withdraw lower of the following:

1) 3 months wages.

2) 75% of EPF Corpus accumulated till now.

Lowest of the above is considered as a non refundable advance and can be withdrawn by the EPF subscriber.

How do I know what amount I am eligible to claim as per this new EPF guideline?

You need to have your payslip + access to EPF passbook or EPF balance to check the eligibility.

1) Take your payslip and check the basic salary + dearness allowance. E.g. Your total monthly salary is Rs 60,000 and basic + DA is Rs 20,000, the eligibility would be 20,000 x 3 = Rs 60,000.

2) You can check EPF balance with any of the below methods

i) Visiting the EPF portal

ii) Give a missed call or

iii) Through SMS request to EPF number

You can get detailed info here on how to check EPF balance online.

There are EPF corpus and EPS corpus and you should not get confused. You should check only EPF corpus. The eligible amount under this bucket would be 75% of EPF corpus. E.g. if you have an EPF corpus of Rs 6 Lakhs, you are eligible for Rs 4 Lakhs (Rs 6 lakhs x 75%).

3) Your eligible withdrawal amount under new EPF rule 2020 would be lowest of what you calculated at point no. 1 and 2.

In the above example as per point no. 1 is Rs 60,000 and as per the point no. 2 is Rs 4 Lakhs, lowest of this would be Rs 60,000. This is the eligible EPF withdrawal amount which you can withdraw now.

How to withdraw EPF Online – 3 Months Wages or 75% of EPF corpus whichever is lower?

The process of EPF withdrawal is same like you do for other EPF withdrawals. Once you decide to withdraw this EPF money, here is the step-by-step process for EPF withdrawal online:

Step-1: Visit EPF UAN portal at this link

Step-2: You need to enter the UAN number (which would be in your pay slip),  password and enter the captcha. If you have not registered earlier, first you need to register yourself.

Step-2-How to withdraw EPF Online

Step-3: If you have withdrawn EPF earlier, you can proceed to the next step, else continue this step.  Click on  ‘Manage’ and select KYC. You need to add your PAN, bank and Aadhaar details here. If any of the names indicated having a mismatch, you cannot proceed. I had a similar problem earlier where my name as per payslip was P Suresh Kumar and as per bank and Aadhar was Podixxxx Suresh Kumar. I had to ask my employer to correct it before I had to proceed further. If you are facing a similar situation, just reach out to your HR department.

Step-3a-How to withdraw EPF Online

Step-3b-How to withdraw EPF Online

Step-4: Once KYC is completed, now visit “Online Services tab and select the first option which is ‘Claim (Form-31, 19, 10C & 10D)’.
Step-4a-How to withdraw EPF Online

Step-5: This screen is called ‘Claim’ screen and it would display the EPF member details, KYC details and other service details. You need to enter the last four digits of your bank account and click ‘Verify’ to proceed further.

Step-4b-How to withdraw EPF Online

Step-6: This is like a signature / acceptance page. You need to click on ‘Yes’ to sign the certificate of the undertaking and then proceed to the next step.

Step-7: You need to click on ‘Proceed for Online claim’.

Step-8: Select drop down of “I want to apply for “ and select ‘PF Advance (Form 31)’.

Step-8a-How to withdraw EPF Online

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Step-9: This is a crucial step. Depending on your status, some options might not be visible. There are options like full construction of house, non receipt of wages, marriage, natural calamities etc. Since you are claiming 3 months wages or 75% of EPF corpus whichever is lower, you need to select ONLY “OUTBREAK OF PANDEMIC (COVID-19)”.

Step-10: Enter the eligible amount and employer address. You also need to upload the scan copy of the Cheque / Bank Passbook. You need to accept T&C button and click on “Get Aadhar OTP” and submit it. The employer has to approve the EPF withdrawal request  and then it would be processed and paid to your bank account. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get the your EPF money in your bank account.

Step-10-How to withdraw EPF Online

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Suresh KP

How to withdraw EPF Online – Lowest of 3 Months Wages or 75% of EPF corpus

Suresh KP


    1. Hello Raj, You don’t need to upload anything in EPF portal. However if there is enquiry, you need to have adequate proofs to show doctor certificate and medical reports

  1. Hello sir

    My PF of previous two companies is not transferred to my existing one. So can I withdraw that amount or I have to first transfer all amount to existing employer ID

    1. There are two options 1) Merge your old epf account with new one. The amount would be transferred to current one 2) You can withdraw the epf amount from old account by declaring that you are not working anywhere. Ideally second option is giving wrong info to EPFO and should be avoided.

  2. Hi suresh ,

    while filling pf advance i mentioned my address instead of the Company Address( as it has asked for Employee Address) will it be a problem.

    Edwin selvam D

    1. Hello Edwin, It would be an issue. Pls mail to EPF Office about this to amend. These would be redirected to respective EPFO locations, hence one need to indicate correct details.

      1. Hi Suresh,

        I think that field is for entering our address.

        I applied on April 2nd by giving my own address and they accepted and dispatched money on 15th April.


  3. Have submitted application for pf withdrawal on 23 mar. Ist considered this under new rules?

    What is the timeline for application clearance. As it indicates as under process.

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