How to pick-up Best Health Insurance Plan for Women?

How to choose best health insurance in india for womenHow to pick-up best health insurance plan for women?

Many of us do not pay attention while taking health insurance plan for women who could be our mother, sister, spouse etc., You may not take separate health insurance plan for them. But you need to ensure that certain things are covered as part of your family floater medical insurance or individual health insurance plan taken for them. In this article, I would provide some insights about why women need separate medical insurance plan and some tips about how to pick-up best health insurance for women.

Why women need a separate medical insurance plan?

Women are working equally at work in this new generation. Women work till late night and night shifts apart from taking care of family at home. Women are also prone to several diseases as they work in kitchen. Under these scenarios, while considering a health insurance plan, one needs to consider these as additional factors.

How to pick-up best health insurance plan for women?

Here are a few tips which can be considered while taking best health insurance plan for women.

1) Maternity expenses coverage

Though several health insurance plans cover maternity expenses, however there is a waiting period. If you are newly married or expect to have children in the near future, consider taking health insurance plan where such waiting period is less. This would help you to save money on maternity expenses. E.g. Religare Joy Maternity health insurance would cover maternity expenses with 9 months waiting period which is lowest waiting period in the Industry. One can review such plans and consider them.

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2) Special diseases coverage

A Home maker women would spend the majority of the time in the kitchen. Even working women spend few hours in a day at kitchen for cooking once they are back from work. They may be affected by lung diseases, Asthma etc., You should check the health insurance plan which covers such diseases.

3) Women specific diseases

There are several health issues which affect women like Cervical Cancer, Breast Cancer etc.. It could lead to several complications if not treated in time. These women specific diseases are expensive for people to afford treatment from good hospitals. These are generally part of critical illness health insurance plans. You should check for those critical illness insurance plans which covers these diseases.

Other tips on choosing the best health insurance plan

1) Choose the right amount of sum assured

Health care costs are increasing day by day. Hence consider the diseases which may effect in the current environment and take the right sum assured. If you have difficulty in assessing how much health insurance you need, you can use various online tools like policyadvisor health insurance tool which can recommend you right health insurance amount.

2) Choose a health insurance for tomorrow, not leaving for just today

Don’t just consider what today’s cost is. Consider inflation of approx 6% per annum and assess your health care needs for the next 5-10 years. Based on this, you need to choose the right sum assured.

3) Compare the health insurance policies

There are a few portals which offer a comparison of health insurance policies like policybazaar or policyboss etc. These can help you to pick-up right health insurance suitable to you.

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4) Go for large Hospital network coverage

The larger the hospital network coverage, the better it is. You might not know whether you would live in the same city for longer. For career progression, many of us would move from one city to another. Picking up health insurance plan which offers wider network coverage would help you to stay with such health plan.

5) Read reviews of the policy

Once you go through few health insurance policies, you can check the reviews of such policies. Reviews are those which are given by policy holders about their experience on the health insurance policy. This could help you to assess whether the policy is good or bad.

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How to pick-up best health insurance plan for women

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