How is Edelweiss Trader’s Lounge Trading Platform?

How is Edelweiss Traders Lounge Trading PlatformHow is Edelweiss Trader’s Lounge Trading Platform?

Earlier, I reviewed Religare Virtual Trading stock trading platform, which has some good features. Last month, one of my friends subscribed to Edelweiss’ Trader’s Lounge trading platform, where I had the chance to go through the features. Edelweiss indicates that this Trader’s Lounge is one of the next generation trading platforms, which offers a superior trading experience. Edelweiss Trader’s Lounge has some amazing features, hence thought of writing a review on this. What does Edelweiss’ Trader’s Lounge Trading Platform offer? What are the unique features of Edelweiss’ Trader’s Lounge Trading Platform?

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Overview of Current Trading Platforms

I generally see comments on this blog where stock market traders / investors indicate that we have various trading platforms that provide analyses on stocks, however, not all features are incorporated in one single platform. One platform can be used only for investments. Another platform provides technical analyses. A third website provides fundamental analysis of a stock. What would happen if these features are available on a single platform or most of the features available on a single trading platform? I read Business Line for stock market news. I use the Moneycontrol App for stock and specific sector news and updates. This is how most investors look at various Apps and Gadgets.

Features of Edelweiss Trader’s Lounge Trading Platform

  • Trader’s Lounge was launched by Edelweiss.
  • It is a trading platform for stock market investors, wherein one can buy and sell stocks from BSE/NSE in India.
  • It offers superior features like online news and online analysis of the stocks, which you intend to buy or sell.
  • It has a special feature about various signals on stock market recommendations, which makes this platform a unique trading platform.

Edelweiss Trader’s Lounge Trading Platform explained with an example

If I talk about it, it would look like a theory. Hence, I logged on to the site, selected one of my favorite stocks, Ashok Leyland, to check how the indicators work. Here are some of the features explained with screen shots.

It provides Charts, Volumes and moving averages.

Edelweiss Traders Lounge - Ashok leyland-Overview-Charts, Volumes and moving averages

In the financial section, you will see the latest quarterly / half yearly / yearly financials of revenues and profitability. In the financial section, I liked the Ratios tab, which provides various financial ratios to analyse a particular stock.

Edelweiss Traders Lounge - Ashok leyland-financials

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One more unique feature is, it compares with peers and provides analyses on how such a stock is rated as compared to its peers.

Edelweiss Traders Lounge - Ashok leyland-peers

You can check the research section and check for stock recommendations. Such features are being offered by other stock brokers too, hence I do not know how far these recommendations differ.

Edelweiss Traders Lounge - research-recommendations

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Various buying Signals – Unique Features of Edelweiss’ Trader’s Lounge

One more unique feature is, it provides various signals of the stock, which enables a stock market investor to take the decision to buy or sell stock.

Technical signals – It indicates how a stock looks from a technical analysis point of view. If you look at Ashok Leyland, it shows a weak signal. This means that in the short term, it may not be a good stock.

Health indicator: This provides a score about this stock. For Ashok Leyland, it showed 60, indicating positive health.

Brokers Recommendation: This signal for Ashok Leyland shows BUY and green. This means many brokers have given the recommendation to buy.

News Sentiment: This indicates any news, which would affect the company in a positive or negative way. Currently, it shows neutral, meaning, no special news that is expected to impact this stock now.

While you may not use all the above signals, it may give a fair idea about a stock, on whether to proceed to buy now, or hold the decision.

I could not get a complete idea about brokerage charges to compare with its peers.

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How is Edelweiss Trader’s Lounge Trading Platform?

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