How does Aadhar Card based IT electronic verification process work?

How does Aadhar Card based IT electronic verification process workHow does Aadhar Card based IT electronic verification process work?

Two weeks back, Income Tax Authorities took some steps to reduce the processing time of income tax filing. One among them was getting rid of ITR-V signed copy sending it to CPC, Bangalore. Now if a taxpayer is doing e-filing and has Aadhar Card, they can do electronic verification and need not send physical signed ITR-V copy to CPC, Bangalore. How does Aadhar Card based IT Electronic verification process work?

What is the old process of IT efiling online?

  • Login to income tax website (
  • Taxpayer needs to enter relevant income tax details while doing e-filing.
  • Taxpayer needs to take a print of ITR-V form received through email from income tax department, sign the same and courier to CPC, Income Tax Department, Bangalore
  • Income Tax Department acknowledges the receipt of the signed hard copy on registered mobile number. In case they do not receive, a message is sent to tax payer on his mobile number indicating non receipt of ITR-V form.
  • Since manual physical copy submission is a huge process and chances that the Income Tax Department may miss to get the ITR-V through speed post, this has been one of the pain problems for IT Department.

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How does Aadhar Card based IT electronic verification process work?

  • Login to income tax website (
  • Taxpayer needs to enter relevant income tax details while doing e-filing.
  • While doing e-filing, tax payer would see an option “Whether you have Aadhar card”. Select Yes if you have a Aadhar card.
  • It would ask for Aadhar card number in the next field. Fill your Aadhar Card number.
  • UDAI database will send out one time password (OTP) to your registered mobile number.
  • Authenticate OTP on e-filing form and submit the form once it is duly completed.
  • You would get an acknowledgement to your registered email ID. The process is complete. You need not send ITR-V form hard copy.

FAQ’s on Aadhar based IT Electronic Verification Process

1) Does this new process apply for e-filing or even for physical Income Tax filing.

For e-filing, you are doing electronic submission, hence IT department was asking for a signed hard copy. Now in the new process this is eliminated. For physical IT filing, hard copy submission would continue in the normal way as this is the only document used for IT filing.

2) I do not have Aadhar Card yet, how should I proceed then?

If you do not have Aadhar card yet, it is better to apply one now. Since we are at the end of Apr, we still have another 60 days of IT filing for last financial year. You can apply for Aadhar card now and you can get it before that. If not, you need to still follow the old process of sending ITR-V signed copy to CPC, IT Department, Bangalore.

3) I have Aadhar Card and I have entered details during e-filing, however OTP is not received on my mobile, what to do?

OTP password is sent to registered mobile of PAN card and not to mobile number indicated while filing Aadhar Card application. Check whether there is any disconnect here.

4) I have taxable income less than < Rs 5 Lakhs, does this new process apply to me?

Income Tax e-filing is mandatory for taxpayers who has more than Rs 5 Lakhs. However, taxpayers who have < Rs 5 Lakhs can also file their IT returns through e-filing though mandatory. Any taxpayer who is doing his Tax returns through e-filing, has to go through this new process.

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5) I forgot my password of income tax website. I have some queries while filing income tax. Whom I an approach in IT Dept?

You can contact CPC, Income Tax Department, Bangalore at the toll free numbers indicated below. Please read the details completely and call respective toll-free number so that you get a quick response.

ITR-Income Tax Department, CPC, Bangalore-Contact nos

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How does Aadhar Card based IT electronic verification process work

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