Should you invest in HDFC Life Progrowth Plan?

Should you invest in HDFC Life Progrowth ULIP PlanShould you invest in HDFC Life Progrowth Plan?

Looking for an Insurance Investment Plan? Plan now, Save now, secure future! The HDFC Life Progrowth Plus is an insurance cum investment plan. It enables you to enjoy benefits of a life cover and making the best suitable investment strategy for yourself according to your risk appetite and return needs. This is a Unit Link Insurance Plan, which helps you to channelize your savings by making the most of the equities. What are the features of HDFC Life Progrowth Plan? How HDFC Life Progrowth Plan ULIP performed in the last few years? Should you invest in in HDFC Life Progrowth Plan or not? This is guest post from Policybazaar team.

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Overview about HDFC Life Progrowth ULIP Plan

This is basically a ULIP. HDFC Life Progrowth Plus gives you the highest Net Asset Value for your investment. It promises to be a valuable financial guard for your family when you are away from your family. It is an exceptionally good investment opportunity that provides you a choice of 4 funds that are selected. 

It is well known that India is grossly under insured. The penetration of Life insurance plans, measured as a percentage of premiums to a country's GDP, was 3.1% only in year 2013-2014 as compared to 11.7% of Hong Kong and 8.8% of UK. This problem is everlasting and can however be costly till we the common investor learn the basic difference between an insurance and investing. Hence, to reduce the hassle of an insurance and investment HDFC has come-up with this plan, HDFC Life Progrowth Insurance Plan as an insurance cum investment. Most people believe that they can save enough money to replace their assets, should anything happen to them. But the problem begins at an unforeseen event crashing all the plans that one had chased so religiously, even for the one who was an addicted saver of funds. This is why a life insurance must be a key part of our overall financial deal.

Now, you can counter the rising effect of inflation in your pockets by Investing in HDFC Life Progrowth Plus. It is a unique investment instrument that adds up to your savings by channelizing your money in stock market keeping life cover into focus.

Some of the positive factors in HDFC Life Progrowth Plan

  • Freedom to choose from a range of fund 1) Income Fund 2) Balanced Fund 3) Blue Chip Fund 4) Opportunities fund
  • Freedom to choose the sum assured.
  • EMI available for HDFC Bank Credit Card holders.

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Why you should choose HDFC Life Progrowth Plan?

  • It gives you the highest Net Asset Value Guaranteed fund return.
  • Partial withdrawal benefits to meet any financial contingency.
  • Life & Extra Life option, the plan 2 has an option where you can choose between Life and Extra Life.
  • There is an additional benefit on the sum assured on a death by accident under the Extra Life option.
  • Also, you have the flexibility to create your own investment plan according to your risk tolerance appetite and return expectations.
  • You also get to enjoy tax benefits under sec 80C and 10(10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961 subject to the provisions in that.
  • The Early 2000 ULIPs gave a major downfall in the finances leaving many disheartened. Hence, it resulted in people choosing other long term instruments for their financial investment and life cover. But the recent revolutionary changes have reduced the maintenance and the acquisition cost, making it a significant invest option. Our HDFC Life Progrowth Plan has proven itself as the best ULIP plan so far. As the charges are minimal the perks of having this ULIP are more given, you stay invested for a longer span. It also has loyalty added up to it after finishing 8 to 10 years. Its great how this saving cum investment plan can be a bilateral benefit to you as an investor and an insuree.
  • This makes it simple, you get an simplified investment product that gives cover for insurance and has amazing investment returns playing a tax saver for you and additionally giving you a loyalty after your 10th year with the particular ULIP.

HDFC Life progrowth returns

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Suresh KP


  1. One of the worst policy … everyone to stay away from this policy.
    I am going to do police complaint on HDFC for giving fake promise of 15% return on investment.

  2. Hi Suresh,

    You have cleared many companies UILPs like, merits and demerits, but now for this HDFC Life Progrowth Plan not mentioned of other charges, like mortality, premium charges, etc., so if could given more on this will help others to know.


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