CueMath Reviews | How to become a certified Cuemath teacher | Is cuemath fake?

We are seeing several advertisements about Cuemath where in it indicates that you can work from home and earn Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per month. Many of us might be wondering whether Cuemath is genuine or Cuemath is fake? What is CueMath? Do you really get Rs 40K per month by working from home through CueMaths? What are the hidden factors in this Cuemath Teacher programme? Are there any cuemath reviews from parents? Let me try to do Cuemath review and provide some insights about this programme.

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What is Cuemath?

cuemath work from home team-minMany keep searching about Cuemath meaning Cuemath is mathematical training program designed by alumni of IIM, Stanford, Harvard, IIT, Cambridge where children are trained extra mathematical studies through puzzle, tab based exercise, worksheets at the centres near you through a trained and qualified teachers. These programs can be done online as well as offline. Cue math is getting success all over and creating its grounds. You can gather more information about Cuemath through internet sites like Facebook, YouTube or Cuemath website, hoardings, friends, relatives or other Cuemath students or teacher.

CueMath Reviews - How to become a certified Cuemath teacher - Is cuemath fake

How you can learn and earn upto 40,000 Rs per Month from CueMaths classes?

Here is the process of Cuemath teacher selection process.

1) If you are qualified graduate or post graduate, you can become Cuemath teacher and teach children from K.G to 6th class.

2) You can get certified in Maths with their programme.

3) Make Cuemath Centres at your home and teach students through this innovative idea.

4) As part of Cuemath teacher training programme, they will provide you all the learning material at home and they will train you through multi-channel methodology so that you will be able to teach math in a better way.

5) You will get all training through CueMath.  Cuemath would provide details of students who are enrolled in your location and send such details to you so that you can make a group of students and teach them at your home.

6) A Cuemath teacher can earn Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per month.

How Children benefit from Cuemath classes?

1) If you want to enroll your child, you can visit website and enroll under “Find a centre” option. Cuemath would provide the teacher details available in your location. You can also enquire about Cue math fees for students.

2) Children benefit from the best of offline as well as online world with three in-person sessions every week. This helps your child to build up good mathematical skills that helps them in schools as well as other math programs. It helps the child to focus on critical aspects and improves their analytical thinking.

3) Children will be trained through tab based programs, mathematical puzzles and worksheets.

4) The course covers all the curriculum of state board, ICSE and CBSE. It also covers some basics of Singapore, U.K and U.S curriculum. It is a tab based exercise that helps to master over Math. Every child is given a card puzzle after every session which they can work with friends and relative.

Are you eligible to join as Cuemath Teacher Partner?

Indeed it is a good opportunity for any housewife or individuals who wants part time income and who is qualified to teach students from K.G to class 6th can become a teacher in Cuemath. All it requires a dedication and skill to train students through Cuemath programs. This is a good work from home opportunity.

However, you might be wondering about cuemath teacher eligibility. Here is what you need to be.

Good English communicative skills.

Mathematical background like science or commerce till class 12th, math or engineering, commerce or science degree.

A spacious room where up to 8 students can be easily seated.

You should be able to give around 4-5 hours of time in a day. Means, this is like a part time job.

How to become a certified cuemath teacher / How to become a Cuemath teacher?

cuemath work from home-minOnce you understood how Cuemath works, you can follow these steps on how to become a certified Cuemath teacher.

1) Visit Cuemath Teacher Partner sign-up link

2) Enter Full Name, Email Address, Phone number, Date of birth, Gender, Marital Status, Qualification, Relocation details, and click submit

3) You would get message that Cuemath team would revert to you.

If you are lucky enough, you would get confirmation that cuemath teacher selection is completed. You need to proceed for Cuemath teacher training programme i.e. Cuemath teacher certificate programme.

What support you would get from Cuemath Team?

You can run a home based Cuemath Centre and provide world class math education to children. You would get doubt what support Cuemath would provide right? let us look at them

1) They would provide support for multi-channel approach to reach math in best way. They would provide teaching material that is required here.

2) They would provide training and certification support along with marketing support that is required for you to get students at your centre

3) They would enable and help you and cuemath teacher salary could be upto Rs 40,000 per month by working from home.

Where does CueMath gets funding for its operations?

Bengaluru based Edtech started Cuemath and raised a funding of $4 million from Sequoia India and other investors like Unitus Seed Fund to expand its network in national as well as international markets.

Delhi based Edtech started Cuemath and raised a funding of $15 million in round B series through alphabetic equity investment arm.

Which location you can join for Cuemath Teacher Partner Program?

You can apply for Cuemath work from home programe for Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Gurgoan, Faridabad, Madurai, Delhi, Mumbai, Ghaziabad, Ahmedabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Pune, Noida, Coimbatore and Kochi.

What is Cuemath fees structure for students?

Please visit cuemath portal to know the cuemath fees structure for students/kids which would depend on location.

What are the hidden Factors in Cuemath Work from home programme / Is Cuemath fake?

Now let us go to any hidden factors in this cuemath classes programme.

As Cuemath is tab based learning program you require an android tab mainly for becoming a part of the team.

You have to pay a Cuemath fees of Rs 5,000 in which the material is also included to become a member of Cuemath training program.

You have to pay 40% share as commission to Cuemath from your earnings every month.

If your application is rejected, your partnership will be automatically cancelled and you will not get back your Rs 5,000, if there is already another Cuemath tutor existing in your area.

Finally, you are at the mercy of Cuemath. In future, they can always cancel your membership.

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Should you prefer Cuemath Teacher Partner Programme for work from home?

Try to understand the terms and conditions. You need to be qualified to join the programme. You need to pay Cuemath fees of Rs 5,000 for registration which is non refundable. If there is already a cuemath teacher partner in your area, your application would get rejected.  You need to spend 4-5 hours in a day. Earnings upto Rs 40,000 per month is maximum what you can earn, but in reality it depends on the fees and no. of students. They would charge 40% as commission. Better to take cuemath reviews from parents. If you are okay with these conditions, there is nothing wrong in trying this work from home option.

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