How is the performance of RGESS Mutual funds?

How is the performance of RGESS Mutual funds? This post is based on the topic suggested by Rajanandan on "Suggest-a-topic" option about Performance of RGESS Mutual funds. Last year Govt of India introduced Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme (RGESS) to provide tax benefit to new investors in shares. While investing in direct stock markets are risky, Govt of India allowed some mutual […]

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Simple steps to follow to maximize the returns from Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) in Mutual Funds

Overview – System Investment Plan (SIP) System Investment Plan (SIP) is the plan where investor makes equal investments at regular intervals into mutual funds on a specific date for a specific period. The biggest advantage is the averaging of the investments made where the market fluctuations are eliminated. How does SIP runs ? Investor makes equal investments at regular intervals […]

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Best Investment Options – 5 Steps to pickup the right and best mutual funds

Quick overview about Mutual Funds Mutual Funds pool money from several investors and invest in Stocks, Bonds, Money market instruments and other Govt Securities.  There are various types of Mutual Funds and there are several Mutual Fund schemes in each category  Various Mutual Funds Equity – These mutual funds invest majority of the money (upto 80%) in Equity shares (Stocks). […]

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