7 best low cost business ideas

Best low cost small business ideas low investment

Overview best low cost business ideas

In our previous article we have seen 3 best low cost business ideas. There are several other business ideas with low investment and which are proven to be profitable business and these ideas are for everyone.

7 best low cost business ideas

  1. Starting a website/blog: Hobbies can be converted into money by creating a website or blog and posting the articles based on your hobby. There are easy ways of creating a website for free or by investing small amount as low as $ 100 / Rs.5,000 per year. There is no limit for earnings, it depends on how you attract the customers with your articles and monetize your website.
  2. Real Estate consultant: With fast growing real estate, one can become a real estate consultant and advice the buyers. We can charge a fee for the consultation which generally depends as a commission on the purchase value. This investment idea does not need any major investment except for infrastructure to setup the office and maintenance charges to attract the customers.
  3. Domain name trading: There are two ways of making money here.



  4. Making money through affiliate marketing: This is one of the good business ideas where we can invest zero or low investment. The affiliate marketing is recommending a product / service to the customers with or without owning a websites.



    • If you own a website, you can recommend the products/service by keeping the affiliate links on your websites. When a buyer clicks on the link and completes the transaction, you would be paid the affiliate commission.
    • You can also recommend affiliate products via facebook, YouTube, Google-plus, Twitter etc., by placing the respective affiliate links. Again any one clicking on these links and making the transaction, you would be paid the affiliate commission. This way you make money with zero investment or with very minimum investment to market the product. There are various best affiliate programs where you can make money.
  5. Selling products on ebay: You know that you can sell the product without owning it. You can do that on ebay. It requires very low investment. You can follow simple steps to be successful in ebay business.
  6. HR Consultant:  If you have interest, you can work as HR consultant and help the companies in hiring. You may require some networking to succeed in this area.
  7. SEO consultant: Search Engine optimization has become one of the major key elements for the success of the blog or website. To rank a website in the top pages of search engine, SEO is the key. Interested people can acquire necessary knowledge and can offer their services as SEO consultant.

Readers, have you tried these low cost business ideas which we feel as the Best investment options ? What other low cost business ideas you are aware? Please give your comments

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Suresh KP


  1. Dear sir.
    I am pawan sharma from durgapur (west bengal) I want to start small business T shirt carry bag.(I’m use carry bag print making machine)..but i have no experience no skill no information of matrial..please i need ur help so pls sugest me.
    1. could i start this work ?
    2. how much money could invest?
    3. how i can start this?
    Other suggestion homemade small business.plz sir hlp me..

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