Best investment options – How 2013 look like?

Best investment options – How 2013 look like

Best investment options – How 2013 look like?

I wish all readers a Happy New Year 2013. I hope you all would have taken New Year resolution to improve your financial health and grow your money in 2013 by investing in best investment options.

How was 2012 and what is the take in 2013 for investments in India

Stock markets:

2012: This was a good year for stock market investments. BSE SENSEX has grown from 15,400 to 19,588 showing a healthy return of 27%.

2013: Since market has reached its yearly high in 2012, there could be some correction before it makes new high. Investors should be little cautious before they take the decision on best stocks to buy.

Investments in IPO

2012: Previous year 2011 was a bad year for IPOs. However 2012 has provided excellent returns in IPO investments. Investors has earned as high as 50% on their investments (direct computation basis).

2013: We cannot say the trend would continue in 2013. Choosing the best IPO’s would be the key to success. In 2013, we would be covering analysis on all IPOs.

Investment in Mutual funds:

2012 – Investors are moving towards investment in mutual funds rather than investing directly in stock markets to reduce the risk. However due to stock markets reaching its 52 weeks high, the mutual funds returns were good in 2012.

2013: I would feel that investors would continue to increase their investments in mutual funds as stock markets has reached its new high in 2012. Investment in mutual funds in 2013 may provide lesser risk to investors

Investment in Bank Fixed deposits

2012: Major Banks have reduced the FD rates from 9.75% to 8.5%.

2013: In my opinion, the FD rates would still fall further in 2013. Choosing alternative safe investment options would be better idea instead of sticking to FD’s when the rates are falling.

Investments in gold

2012: Gold has been an ever green investment in India. Gold prices has moved from Rs 27,400 to Rs 31,000 and provided 13% returns.

2013: No doubt this would be a top investment option in 2013 too. However investment in gold ETF’s for long term perspective would be a better investment option.

Investments in Silver

2012: Silver prices have moved from Rs 51,000 to Rs 59,000 an increase of 15%.

2013: Though Silver as an investment option has not been so familiar in India, investors can make this part of the investment portfolio to some extent. You can refer our article on how to invest in silver.

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Happy investing in best investment options in 2013

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