Best Diwali Stock Picks for 2016 from leading brokerage firms

Best Diwali Stock Picks for 2016 from leading brokerage firms for muhurat tradingBest Diwali Stock Picks for 2016 from leading brokerage firms

Tomorrow is Diwali Samavat 2073. Leading stock brokerage firms started recommending top Diwali stock picks for 2016. While, Investors realized that investment in stocks should be done for long term, they are even looking for short to medium term top stock picks. Many stock brokerage firms started recommending stocks that would outperform short term of 1 month to medium term 3 years and long term of over 5 years. Which are the Best Diwali Stock Picks for 2016 recommended by them? Which are the top Stock Picks for 2016 recommended by leading brokerages which can fetch you up to 70% returns?


Top and Best Diwali Stock Picks for 2016 from leading brokerage firms

Aditya Birla Money – Vivek Mahajan – Top Diwali Stock Picks for 2016

1) Shriram City Union – CMP Rs 2,500 and Target Price – Rs 3,500 (40% upside)

As per Vivek of Adita Birla Money, it is preferred long term ideas which gave multi year growth. He has positive view on this stock that can provide 40% upside from current level.

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2) Edelweiss Ltd – CMP Rs  122 and Target Price – Rs 152  (25% upside)

 It is an emerging financial conglomerate. Currently the stock is trading at 2.2 times adjusted price of its FY18 earnings. At the current price, it is reasonable to enter now.

3) Swaraj Engines – CMP 1,340 Rs  and Target Price – Rs 1,675 (25% upside)

It is Mahindra and Mahindra subsidiary. If you are looking for best potential stock in Agri theme, you should consider this stock. This stock is of high safe in this segment. It produces engines, of which 80% goes to tractors. Since tractor sales improved lot in H1, we expect similar growth in H2 too. For next 1 year horizon, this stock can give 25% returns.

4) Satin Creditcare–CMP Rs  575 and Target Price – Rs 690 (20% upside)

This is one of the micro finance company. Stock price moved more than 80% in the last few years,  and currently trading at Rs 570, but still has potential to go up. Its peers are moving to small and medium banks and there is a lot of scope in microfinance segment, which can help this company to occupy some more space.

5) Pidilite Ltd – CMP Rs 717 and Target Price – Rs 860 (20% upside)

This stock has corrected in the last few months and now stabilised. One can enter this stock at current levels. It is expected to provide multi year growth. One can expect 20% to 25% upside from current level.

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HDFC Securities  – Beset Diwali Stock Picks for 2016

HDFC Securities has come up with its Diwali Stock Picks for this muhurat trading. It has recommended top 10 stocks which one can buy and get returns between 9% to 70%. The stocks that can provide high returns are India Cements, Lupin and Bajaj Electricals, which as potential upside of 32% to 70% returns.

Best Diwali Stock Pick 2016 from HDFC securities

Sharekhan – Top Diwali Stock Picks for 2016 muhurat trading

Here are the recommendations from Sharekhan about Diwali stock picks.

16) State Bank of India

17) RBL Bank

18) Kansai Nerolac Paints

19) Finolex Cables

20) Rico Auto

Reliance Securities – Diwali Stock Picks for 2016

21) Aurobindo Pharma – CMP – Rs 813 Target Price – Rs 981 (21% Upside)

Aurobindo Pharma is a vertically integrated pharma company and has a strong presence in regulating market such as the US (44% of sales) & Europe (22% of sales).

22) HDFC – CMP Rs 1,388 – Target Price – Rs 1,560 (12% Upside)

Further improvement in operating performance in coming quarters owing to healthy net interest income growth and listing of insurance arm, Reliance Securities maintains ‘Buy’ on the stock with a Target Price of Rs1,560.

23) Pidilite Industries–CMP Rs 717 – Target Price – Rs 832 (16% Upside)

Incorporated in 1959, Pidilite Industries (Pidilite) is a dominant player in India’s adhesives, sealants and construction chemicals industry with iconic brands like Fevicol, M-Seal, Fevikwik & Dr Fixit.

Motilal Oswal – Top Diwali Stock Picks for 2016

24) Bharat Electronics – CMP Rs 1,306 – Target Price – Rs 1,450 (11% Upside)

Bharat Electronics is well positioned to benefit from the rising defense expenditure supported by a) strong manufacturing base (capacity utilization of nearly 60 per cent) and execution track record, b) relationship with defense and government agencies, c) strategic collaboration with foreign technology partners for new products development d) in-house R&D capabilities (R&D spend at 8.2 percent of revenues) and e) Increased focus on exports to friendly countries.

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25) Amara Raja Batteries – CMP Rs 1,018 – Target Price – Rs 1,257 (Upside – 24%)

Amara Raja is India's second-largest lead-acid battery manufacturer (next to market leader Exide), with market leadership in telecom and UPS segments. "Stable competitive environment, significant FCF generation (Rs 2.6 billion over FY16-18) and stable RoE of 25 per cent, coupled with the potential shift from unorganized to organized players when GST rolls out is to sustain high growth trajectory.

Happy Diwali to your and your family and all the best in investing in muhurat stock picks.

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Best Diwali Stock Picks for 2016 from leading brokerage firms

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  1. Thank you SIr… I need a clarity between Amarraja and Exide..,.Though Exide is market leader its stock price is lesser than amar raja. Is this a undervalued stock now (CMP 203). Can we purchase Exide instead Amar raja to get more upside since Amar has already moved up? Seek guidance

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