Apollo Munich Optima Super-Best Top-Up Health Insurance Plan

Apollo Munich Optima Super-Top-up health insurance plan

Apollo Munich Optima Super Health Insurance Plan

There are a few players in the Indian insurance market who are offering Top-Up health insurance Plans. While HDFC Ergo, United India, etc. are offering such plans, these are not attractive. Apollo Munich Insurance has floated Apollo Munich Optima Super Top Up Plan, which has several good factors. How this top-up health insurance would help employees who just depend on employer provided health insurance? How Apollo Munich Optima Super Top-Up plan is unique and different from other top up plans?

What is Apollo Munich Optima Super Top-Up Plan all about?

Top-up health insurance plans will enhance total health insurance cover on cost sharing basis. Means insured would bear an amount of deductible (cost sharing) and balance would be paid by the insurance company. Apollo Munich Optima Super plan helps you to limit your deductible amount irrespective of the number of the claims in a year.

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Explained with an example.

Mr. Pankaj has taken top-up health insurance plan for Rs 10L with a deductible amount of Rs 1 Lakh. Means for any claim he needs to pay Rs 1 Lakh and beyond this, the insurance company would bear it up to Rs 10L. Assume that Mr. Pankaj met with an accident and need to incurr Rs 3 Lakhs, then Rs 1 Lakh need to bear by him and balance Rs 2 Lakhs would be borne by the insurance company. However, assume that, he needs to further spend money to say for another surgery or due to illness for Rs 2 Lakhs, then normally another Rs 1 Lakh, he needs to spend and the balance Rs 1 Lakh would be incurred by the insurance company.

However, if one considers Apollo Munich Optima Super, your deductible amount would be limited to Rs 1 Lakh in above case. Means to the second claim of Rs 2 Lakh, the entire amount would be paid by the insurance company as this claim is within the same year. Means your risk is limited to a deductible amount of Rs 1 Lakh in above case.

Features of Apollo Munich Optima Super Top-Up Plan

  • Conversion can be done from Top-Up plan deductible to regular health insurance plan between the age of 55 years to 60 years provided that you take this health insurance plan before the age of 50. This is unique and best plan for those who are looking for health insurance during their retirement age.
  • Entry age – Minimum 5 years and maximum 65 years.  Children above 91 days age can be part of this plan if either of the parent is part of the plan.
  • Lifelong renewals
  • Individual and family floater options available
  • Cashless transactions
  • You can get treatment in any network hospital across India.
  • Portability option available. In case you do not like the service, you can shift to any other health insurer and get similar benefits.
  • Policy is available for 1 year and 2 year period.
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses covered for 60 days
  • Post-hospitalization expenses are covered up to 90 days
  • 144 listed day care surgeries covered in this health insurance plan
  • Pre-existing disease coverage after 4 continuous policy years with them
  • You can get a discount of 7.5% if you take 2 year policy
  • Income tax benefit as per section 80D

Major exclusions in Apollo Munich Optima Super

  • All treatments within the first 30 days of cover except any accidental injury.
  • Any pre-existing condition will be covered after a waiting period of 4 years.
  • 2 year waiting period for specific diseases like cataract, hernia, joint replacement surgeries, surgery of hydrocele etc.
  • Expenses arising from HIV or AIDS and related diseases.
  • Congenital diseases, mental disorder or insanity, cosmetic surgery and weight control treatments.
  • Abuse of intoxicant or hallucinogenic substances like intoxicating drugs and alcohol.
  • Hospitalization due to war or an act of war or due to a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon and radiation of any kind.
  • Pregnancy, dental treatment, external aids and appliances.
  • Items of personal comfort and convenience.
  • Experimental, investigation and unproven treatment devices and pharmacological regimens.

How this Apollo Munich Optima Super is cost effective?

Since this is top-up plan where cost needs to be borne by the insured individual, premiums for such health insurance plans comes cheap. Individuals would have less health issues during young age and would increase during retirement age. One can afford to pay an amount of Rs 1 Lakh or Rs 3 Lakh when you are earning and not when you are nearing your retirement as your income stops. In such case, paying less premiums now and converting this plan into full fledged health insurance plan during retirement age of 55 to 60 years would be always a good idea. For an individual of 40 years of age where you opt for Rs 1 Lakh Deductible and on Rs 10 Lakh Sum assured, premiums works out to be Rs 3,900 per annum. If the deductible increased to Rs 3 Lakh with Rs 10 Lakhs coverage, premium works out to be Rs 3,100 per annum. Such plans come with low premiums.

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Should you buy Apollo Munich Optima Super Top-Up Plan?

There are several reasons why you should opt for such unique top-up plans.

  • One of the best Top-up health insurance plan among the plans available now
  • Cost effective. Comes with less premiums.
  • Life long renewals
  • Conversion to normal health insurance plan between 55 to 60 years of age and life long renewals where you actually need health insurance coverage
  • Good for employees who are dependent on an employer's health insurance, but need real health insurance during retirement. They can  pay less premiums now and convert into complete non deductible health insurance plan at 55 years of age and enjoy benefits during that time which are useful.
  • Family discount on premiums at 10% if more than 2 members are enrolled for this.
  • 7.5% discount on premiums, if you opt for 2 years health insurance plan.

More details about Apollo Munich Optima Super top-up plan can be found at their website

Conclusion: I am not saying Apollo Munich Optima Super Top-Up Plan is the only plan which is good. However, it has several good factors to consider. If you are an employee and just depending on the employer's health insurance plan, this is the best top up health insurance plan to consider which would be really useful for you during your retirement where actually you may need a health insurance plan.

Readers, what do you say about this plan? If you are an employee, are you depending on your employer health insurance plan which closes during your retirement?

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Apollo Munich Optima Super-Best Top-Up Health Insurance Plan

Suresh KP


  1. Hello Dear,
    I am planning to buy Apollo Munich Optima Super Family Floater. I am in Pvt. job and only ESIC is provided by the company. I have some query regarding that above mentioned plan .

    1. My yearly income is only 1,50,000/-, so what should be the best deductible amount for me.
    2. Can ESIC and pvt. health insurance claimed in same time.
    3. What is the waiting period for taking benefits.
    4. Is Apollo Munich Optima Super Family Floater is best plan for me or any other plan is there.

    please guide to choose best.
    Thanks in advance

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