7 tips for making money by selling domain names

Overview about Domain Name trading / Selling domain names

Today I would be discussing about domain name trading / selling domain names business. Investing in domain names is not new. This has started in the early days of the World Wide Web (www) internet. There are millions of domain names currently registered.

What is selling domain names business?

Domain name business here is nothing but buying and selling the website domain names. Profit would be a simple difference between buying at lower price and selling at higher price. If you buy a domain name at USD 10 and sell at USD 20, you get a profit of USD 10.

Is it a simple business?

This is not a simple business where you buy in the beginning of the month and sell at the end of the month. Common domain names are already grabbed by people. Unless you understand the business and become professional in this trading, it is not that easy to make money thru selling domain names.

7 tips for making money by selling domain names

  1. Buying new domain names: One of the methods is to buy new domain names. There are lots of domain name traders who are offering domain names as low as USD 2. Buying good domain names for such low price would give excellent returns. Domain names search can be done at popular sites like Godaddy.com, domize.com, Rock.in etc.  
  2. Buy short domain names: Look for a domain which has short name. Domain names offered currently contains 2+ words. E.g. when I tried searching for invesmtentideas.com, it was already sold, so I tried searching for lot of options and purchased a 3 word domain name my+investment+ideas.com. You can check dyyo.com to search for a 4 letter domain names or 5letternames.com for a 5 letter available domain names
  3. Choose a domain name which contains commonly used words: Choose a domain name which contains general and commonly used words. E.g. you know ireport.com was sold for USD 750,000. Can you imagine? What is so special about this, it is not just report.com, but there is an “i” in front of report.com. Another example is one of my blog friend wanted to buy a domain name, the blog description is earning extra money. He has done research and brought extramoneyonline.com which is easily remembered by people. Such sites would sell fast.
  4. Buying from Auctions: You can also buy many existing/new domain names through domain name auctions of  popular domain auctions sites like godaddy.com, sedo.com etc.,
  5.  Domain name valuation: Before you rush and buy a domain name, one need to do homework to check the value of the domain name which is intended to purchase. There are many popular sites like godaddy.com, sedo.com, moniker.com which shows the value of the sites. Each site uses their own methodology in evaluating the sites.
  6. Buy high and sell higher: If you feel the potential of a domain name, you can buy at high price and sell at higher price. However if you are not doing proper homework about the domain names, you end up paying high price and get nothing.
  7. Quality first: Do not buy 1000’s of domains which has no quality. Buy quality domains. Once you do your homework specified in above 6 points, you should be able to get good quality domains.

Conclusion: Investing in a domain name is an art. Understand how it works, what are the key things which domain name buyer looks, investing in domain names which are high potential are key for the success of this selling domain names business.

Readers, are you investing in domain names? Do you feel this is a good investment option to look for? Please give your comments

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Suresh KP


      1. I am interested in buying a domain name . As per your post , i am doing a research about names . But i have a couple of quires.

        1. How payment will be made while buying a domain name from a website (eg. goDaddy)
        2. After buying a domain name , do i have to pay yearly charge ?
        3. After buying a domain name form any website , how do i understand that the domain name is Mine ?

        1. 1) You can buy from godaddy with credit card or internet banking 2) You need to pay yearly charges 3) You would be given login id and password and you would be owner. You can check “who owns domain name” in google where several websites would indicate the owner details against the domain name. However some of the domain owners can keep their names confidential by paying extra money to godaddy.com or any other domain names provider.

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