5 reasons why you should invest in these top 10 best performing mutual funds

We are aware that mutual Funds pool money from investors and invest in Stocks, Bonds, Money market instruments and other Govt Securities.  There are various types of Mutual Funds and there are several Mutual Fund schemes in each category and these are one of the best investment options/plan. Refer my earlier articles on this subject to know more about how to pick-up the best mutual funds.

5 reasons why you should invest in these top 10 mutual funds.
I felt below are the top 10 best performing mutual funds (equity diversified) one may plan for investment for 2012. These are the top performers in the last 3 years and we feel they would continue to perform well in coming years.

There are 5 reasons why you should invest in these best mutual funds
1) These mutual funds have earned the highest annualized returns compared to other mutual funds in Equity diversified mutual funds category.
2) These mutual funds offered returns which are double the normal bank fixed deposits interest rates in the last 3 years
3) These mutual funds are equity diversified i.e. they invest in various sectors like banking, financial services, manufacturing, FMCG, Pharma etc., The risks are diversified due to this.
4) These mutual funds are ranked by Crisil (Independent credit rating agency which ranks the mutual funds by considering various factors like based on the Mutual fund company, the MF scheme goals, objectives, performance of the mutual fund etc.,). This gives an investor some kind of trust among the mutual fund schemes. The mutual fund schemes referred here are ranked by Crisil as Rank-1 and Rank-2
5) The AUM (Assets under Management) refers the value of assets under the management which are invested by the investors. The schemes referred here are more than Rs.90 crores, hence good volume of investors are analyzing and investing in these schemes. We felt these are the best and top investments options one can plan.


Crisil Rank Mutual Fund Scheme AUM (Rs. Crores) 1yr 2yr 3yr 5yr
Rank 1 Reliance Equity Oppor 3458 5% 4% 19% 10%
Rank 1 UTI MNC Fund (G)  237 6% 9% 18% 12%
Rank 2 Birla SL India GenNext (G)  93 3% 6% 14% 8%
Rank 1 ING Dividend Yield (G) 90 3% 1% 14% 12%
Rank 1 Tata Dividend Yield Fund (G)  299 2% 2% 14% 11%
Rank 1 Quantum Long Term Equity (G)  104 4% 3% 13% 11%
Rank 1 Mirae (I) Opportunities RP (G) 235 1% 2% 12% 0%
Rank 2 UTI India Lifestyle Fund(G)  388 1% 4% 12% 0%
Rank 2 ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan (G)  3977 1% 1% 12% 8%
Rank 2 Can Robeco Equity Divers (G) 622 2% 2% 11% 10%

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Suresh KP


  1. i invested in kotak 30g growth sip @1000/- pm, quantum tax saving @50000/- per year, quantum gold saving @2500/- pm, quantum long term equity @2500/- per month and franklin india tax saver growth 100000/- per year . please suggest suggest me can i going in right direction or required some changes .

  2. Sir i m new in this field and i m planning for invest in MF in icici balanced and hdfc balanced mf in feburary 2015 is it right time if not then tell me about the right time to invest

    1. Please proceed and invest. Go thru the MF articles and start learning. Once you are familiar you can choose appropraite equity funds to invest for long term

  3. Dear Sir
    Let me know about MRDT INDIA Ltd fund multifiication engine and their Safe Investment schemes
    Kindly notify me about possiblity of
    36 month dividend of 10% for Investments

  4. Dear Sir,

    I am new to Mutual funds.I would like your advice for SIP investment in the following funds.


    2. HDFC



    I am looking on a long term basis.Kindly advice on the above funds whether its safe.





    1. Since you are new to investment, my suggestion is to invest in balanced mutual funds to start with. 1) Invest in ICICI Balanced fund and HDFC Balanced fund. Keep some amount into recurring deposits also. 2) Once you are familar on how mutual funds operate, you can invest in large cap funds and diversified mutual funds. 3) If you can take some risk, you can invest in top 5 mid cap and small cap funds which I have recommended. But note that you should hold them for 8 to 10 years to get good returns. You can keep tracking every month on how your funds are progressing.

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