Religare Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan-Unique plan

Religare Care Freedom Health Insurance PlanReligare Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan-Unique plan

Two weeks back, Religare Health Insurance has launched Care Freedom, a new health insurance plan which is offered without medical check-ups. Religare Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan has several positive features including pre-existing disease coverage after 2 years etc., Many health insurance plans are offering pre-existing disease coverage after 4 years only. What are the key benefits of Religare Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan? What are the major exclusions in Care Free Health insurance being offered by Religare Health Insurance?

Key Benefits of Religare Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan

  • No medical checkup before issuing the health insurance policy for all ages and for all sum assured.
  • Pre-existing diseases coverage after 2 years itself unlike other plans which are covered only after 4 years or 48 months.
  • Annual Health checkups for all insured members.
  • In case of claim amount is exhausted from the coverage limit, automatic recharge for free of cost.
  • Life long renewability of the health insurance plan.
  • Settlment of claim directly by the company instead of routing through third party company.

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Other features of Religare Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan

  • This health insurance plan covers various medical expenses. Below are some of the main features of this health insurance plan.
  • Day care treatment expenses for hospitalization of > 24 hours
  • Pre hospitalization expenses coverage.
  • Post hospitalization expenses.
  • Ambulance cover.
  • Domicilliary hospital expenses.
  • Term of the policy is 1, 2 and 3 years.
  • Discount on premiums for policies taken for 2 years or 3 years term.
  • Companion Benefit available. If insured is hospitalized for more than 10 consecutive days, they would get additional lumpsum.
  • Dialysis expenses are paid as fixed amount per sitting upto 24 months.
  • Tax Benefits as per Income Tax Act.

What are the various plan options available in Care Freedom Health insurance plan?

Religare Health Insurance-Care Freedom-Plan Options

What are the sub limits in Religare Care Freedom Health insurance Policy?

Religare Health Insurance-Care Freedom-Sub-Limits

What are the Policy Terms in Religare Health Insurance Care Freedom Plan?

Religare Health Insurance-Care Freedom-Policy Terms

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What are the major exclusions in Religare Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan?

  • Pre-existing diseases and ailments are not covered upto 24 months from the date of policy issuance.
  • Any diseases that are contracted during first 30 days of the policy date are not covered unless it is through accident.
  • Any Out Patient Department (OPD) Treatment are excluded.
  • Expenses pertaining to self-inflicted injury resulting from suicide or attempted suicide are not allowed.
  • Expenses arising out of attributable to alchohol or drugs use are not permissible.
  • Cost of expenses pertaining to spects, contact lens, dental treatment that do not need hospitalization cannot be paid.
  • Expenses for the treatment of AIDS are not covered.
  • Treatment arising from pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion etc. are out of coverage.
  • Congential diseases treatment is not covered.
  • Tests and treatment relating to inferlity and relevant expenses are not covered.

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Religare Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan


  • Jalpesh

    Hello Sir,

    I am working in MNC at Gurgaon and Company provides me group health insurance (self+spouse+2 children+parents) of 4 lakhs.

    After reading few articles, I feel that I also must take one more health insurance separately.

    I would like to take health insurance ( family floating) of 3 lakhs for me (29 years) and my spouse (26 years).

    Could you please suggest me best one ?

    I am confused between Optima Restore plan and Religare Care Freedom plan.


  • Jalpesh

    Hello Sir,

    I am working in MNC at Gurgaon and company provides group health insurance ( Self+Spouse+Children+Parents).

    I regularly read your articles and I feel that I should take one more health insurance.

    I would like to take one health insurance for my self and my spouse. I am planning to take family floater plan.

    Could you please suggest me, which insurance plan I shout opt ?

    My age is 29 and my spouse age is 26.


  • Karthick

    Sir , Can you please suggest Best Insurance for Partilly Handicapped person (polio affecting leg) fro my friend

  • c.s.madhuranath


  • keerthikumar venkat

    Hi Suresh,
    Thanks for the article. please keep up the good work always.

    After reading your previous articles, I had started my parents(mother and father) to get insured through Optima Restore Individual plans (i had just called the insurance people and medical checkup was about to happen).
    but after reading the above article, should i go for the above health insurance instead Optima Restore Individual plan. Can you please suggest.

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