Why you are still NOT Rich in life?

Why you are still NOT Rich in lifeWhy you are still NOT Rich in life?

Many of us keep struggling to earn money and become rich in life. While it is not that simple to become rich, if you can plan well, you can be rich too. If you are still thinking why you are still not rich, it is the time for you to check what is going wrong in your financial life. In this article I would provide 20 pointers as to why you are still NOT rich in Life. The answer lies in the question itself, hence I would keep this article crisp.

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Why you are still NOT Rich in life?

This not a comprehensive list, but would give you a few thoughts about why you are not rich in your life. It is not in any specific order.

1) You think you don’t deserve to become rich. Why do you think so?

2) You believe you need to work more hours to make money. Smart people make more money than people who just do the hard work. Have you created a 5 year plan to become Crorepati?

3) Your focus is not on money or you don’t believe in money. Then why you would become rich?

4) You think you are part of middle class family and would continue for the rest of your life. This thought would never make you rich right?

5) You think becoming rich means sacrificing family life. Change your mindset please.

6) You invest in endowment plans or money back plans that offer low returns. If you are compromising on low returns, where is the question of becoming rich faster?

7) You have not taken term insurance plans. You want your family to suffer in your absence?

8) You don’t have a health insurance plan for your family. Unexpected hospitalization bills can ruin your savings. Did you ever thought about financial disasters that may arise in future?

9) You have not created any financial goals. Where is the question of you becoming rich?

10) You are more focused on earnings rather than savings.  Have you ever tried about formula expenses = income minus savings? If not, where is the question of you achieving financial freedom faster?

11) Have you created smart goals? Smart people get rewarded with Smart goals.

12) You are less focused on investments. Have you analyzed your financial status and started investing in high return investments that are suitable to you based on your risk appetite?

13) You are investing in wrong investment options. Are you investing in debt funds for the long term? Are you investing in post office saving schemes for 10-15 year tenure? Why?

14) You think buying a home with a home loan is your lifetime goal. Change your mindset. Think about paying of your home loan in next 5-10 years. It is very much possible. Create a financial goal around this and you can achieve this.

15) You are running for quick money. You are getting attracted to websites or social media posts who are promising quick rich schemes. There are people who might offer attractive schemes like forex trading, SMS stock tips for multibagger shares, etc. People are minting money by offering such schemes to you.

16) You are talking to people who have failed in their investments and getting negative influences instead of learnings from them. One should read success stories of stock market or any great personality, success stories to get motivated.

17) You lost money in stocks or mutual funds during the stock market crash and you blame investing is not your cup of tea. Have you tried investing in medium to long term?

18) You don’t want to take the risk. No risk, no gain. Try investing some portion of your investment portfolio in some of the high risk, high return investment options.

19) You are focusing on entertaining things instead of getting educated about money.

20) Are you depending on single income? Single income does not make you rich at a faster pace. Have you tried multiple sources of income? Have you tried any extra income you can generate based on your passion over weekend?

21) Are you still paying home loans offered at higher interest rates? If yes, what is stopping you to switch to lower interest rate home loans.

All pointers may not be applicable to you. Whatever relevant to you, consider, work on them and achieve financial freedom faster.

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Suresh KP


  1. Well articuated Suresh…
    Also what is worth mentioning here is buying a liability will also bar you from achieving financial freedom, which includes:
    1) Buying a car under social pressure (let’s admit it…all of us do that)
    2) Second house through loan fund (where yield are less than cost. If you are buying for self use, even worst)
    4) lastest expensive gadgets (which is social norm nowadays)
    5) Club membership or
    any other thing else which you are buying under peer pressure will be considered as a liability and not an asset.

    Correct me suresh if you have any other views..

    1. I agree with you Manoj. In finance terminology, these are termed as life style expenses ( which are not essential expenses to live). Thanks for your comments.

  2. Hi Suresh,

    I came across your website recently and learnt a lot about various topics upon reading your articles. You have a profound knowledge and thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

    In one of your old articles I read that you are earning 10K to 30K from this website, but I haven’t come across anything like ads, banners, or affiliate links in your website. Might be I missed something. So, may I know how are you earning through this website (only if you are willing to share)?

    1. Hello Rahul, Yes, however such revenue would fluctuate heavily due to the website traffic. You might be having ad blocker where you are not seeing Ads, otherwise, there are Ads. One can get money through google adsense advertising. This should be as passive income and cannot be main income as this would fluctuate heavily

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