WealthPack – Expenses Manager App – Review

Wealthpack expense manager App reviewWealthPack – Expenses Manager App – Review

There are 2 ways to create wealth. One is to invest in what you save. Another option is to increase your savings. Many of us would ignore on the second option. I have been depending on MS Excel to track my expenses on a monthly basis. However, it is painful to put everything in a spreadsheet. Recently I have been looking at some of the best money management Apps. One of the best money manager App is WealthPack from Edelweiss Group. What is a WealthPack expenses Manager App about? What are the benefits of WealthPack Money manager app? Is it safe to track your expenses through WealthPack?

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What is WealthPack Expense Manager App?

WealthPack expense manager App is created by Edelweiss. WealthPack App is an automated expense tracking App where it provides details of expenses and expenses pattern so that one can analyze and reduce expenses over a period of time. It highlights where you are spending more so that you can take corrective steps.

Features of WealthPack Expense Manager App

  • Wealth Pack is a mobile app which you can install in a few minutes.
  • It tracks expenses and provides all expenses patterns and trends.
  • It provides in depth analysis of current and historical spending.
  • This is an SMS based financial App.
  • Automatically categorizes all the expenses and no need to enter them manually.
  • Comprehensive picture of bank account and credit card transactions.
  • It collects information from SMS generated through bank account or credit card company.
  • It categorizes expenses pertaining to EMI of home loans, car loans, Personal loans, electricity bills, food expenses etc.,
  • In case you spent money through cash, you can enter them manually through quick process.
  • This App has become popular as it does not require login ID and passwords, but it simply analyzes data from SMS messages.
  • Insights give you specific examples of how you are doing versus the overall WealthPack community. So if you withdraw cash from ATM 5 times and the community only did 1.5 times, you know that’s one thing you can reduce (especially if you are paying cash withdrawal charges).
  • Wide coverage of over 50+ banks and credit card companies.
  • All these services are currently being offered free of cost. No hidden fees or charges as of now.

Is WealthPack App safe and secured?

Now, you would get doubt that since it access all SMS’s pertaining to bank account or credit card pertaining to you, is it safe and secured?

  • As per information available on the website, WealthPack never has access to any confidential or sensitive information like logins, passwords, PIN nos. etc.,
  • WealthPack tracks SMS generated by banks or credit card companies. It says it does not have access to any personal messages or Bank OTP related messages.

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How to download WealthPack Expense Manager App?

You can follow below link from Google play store to download the App. 


Conclusion: WealthPack is a good personal finance management App. It tracks the info by SMS and provides expense patterns which is useful to analyze on how you are spending your money. This would help you to reduce expenses wherever possible, which adds to your wealth.

Readers, are you using Edelweiss Wealthpack expense manager app? If yes, what is your experience?

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Edelweiss WealthPack Expenses Manager App

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  1. I’ve analyzed almost more than 50 expense app. I prefer t2expense and expense manager as best. I’ve been using t2expense since 2012 and is the best in terms of providing reports.

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