Does a consumer really get benefit out of these festive offers and save money?

Ways to saving money during special offers

Does a consumer really get benefit out of these festive offers and save money?

Be ready this festive season to get flooded with discounts and special schemes. This is the period where people look for ways of saving money. Starting from home appliances makers to automobile companies, banks, the discounts and special schemes are being offered to customers this festive season during Diwali which is the festival celebrated  all over India.

Why these industries bets good business during the festive season?

There are several companies who bet every year to do good business during this festive season.

  1. This year, LG is betting to do business for Rs 1600 crores during festive season. It is offering discounts, freebies and special schemes.
  2. Samsung India who is successful in Smart TV’s is betting to sell tablet PC’s and increase sales of Smart / LED TV’s. It is offering discounts apart from providing zero interest special schemes.
  3. Several banks are offering reduced interest on home loans like ICICI Bank, HDFC etc.
  4. Customer gets a chance to win bollywood hungama voucher if they buy products of Panasonic this festive season.  Apart from this they are offering several freebies like 4GB SD Card for purchase of Lumix digital camera etc.,

The list goes on…….

Does a consumer really get benefit out of these festive offers?

There is a lot of debate on whether such companies offer “real” discounts.  Consumer would get benefitted if it is a real offer to him and not like “chance to win” schemes. Last year I planned to purchase a Samsung Television and during festive season, I could able to get it for 15% discount. I felt this was a “real” discount, as I was observing the price for some time for the product. I thought it was a good ways of saving money. Apart from this they also gave coupons which say, “chance to win 1 KG gold”. I know surely, I am not going to get benefitted. The real benefit I thought at the time of purchase was 15% discount. Do not expect anything from such “chance to win” schemes and blame such companies later on.

Conclusion: If you have planned to purchase a product this festive season, I hope you would have done enough homework about the best price to be paid. If during this festive season, you are able to get with better price or with the same price, but with some freebies/gifts, you should definitely go for that. I always prefer to buy during festival season, where it is one of the ways of saving money as you get products at competitive price and we get benefitted.

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Ways of saving money

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