Top 20 Profitable Mechanical Engineering Startup ideas

Top 20 Profitable Mechanical Engineering Startup ideas

After finishing graduation in mechanical engineering, it is not compulsory that one joins any corporate house and work 8 hours for them monotonously. If the person can innovate and is hard-working, he/she can come up with his/her start-up where they can use their skills for growth, development, and success. In this article we would provide 20 Mechanical Engineering Startup Ideas to start now.

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Who are mechanical engineers?

Mechanical engineers are the ones who have attained the knowledge about the research, development, design, and testing of machines and thermal devices. Mechanical engineering is one of the vast fields of engineering in which they design, analyze, and maintain the mechanical systems of the machines. Mechanical engineers can design everything from the simplest things like batteries to complex machines like personal computers, air conditioners to automobiles.


Why mechanical engineers can opt for a startup business?

Mechanical engineering is a very knowledge-based field. All the machine-manufacturing industries are heavily dependent upon the engineers for the designing and development of their machines. If you have the potential, then you can use your set of skills for yourself by getting into entrepreneurship. Initially, you may find a bit difficult with the establishment of the business or arrangement of finance, but with regular efforts and dedication, you can achieve success.

Top 20 Profitable Mechanical Engineering Startup ideas

Here, we present 20 business ideas that can be picked by mechanical engineers for startups.

1) E-waste recycling – With the extensive use of electronics in the domestic as well as a commercial field, it has increased the electronic wastage also.  Every individual has many electronic wastes which he does not know what to do.  You can get these electronics at cheaper rates and recycle their spare parts to create new products. The objective of this business is to transfer the e-waste into industrially and socially beneficial raw material.

2) Solar panel manufacturing unit – In a vogue to use more and more renewable resources and save our environment and scarce resources, starting a solar panel manufacturing unit is a great business idea for engineers in India.  Most of the states get abundant sunlight and thus can make the best use of it. It is one of the best mechanical engineering startup in India that are profitable.

3) Water disposal machine – Water is again a scarce resource that requires a lot of management to avoid its wastage.  This field has tons of potential ideas for mechanical engineering entrepreneurs in India.  They can develop a water purifying machine that can remove all the impurities of water with efficiency or design a disposal machine that can ease the task of disposing of water as well as generating energy.

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4) Aluminum doors and windows manufacturing unit – Custom designed aluminum doors, windows, and frames are one of the excellent mechanical engineering startup business ideas. This field uses some technical knowledge with hard work. The extensive use of aluminum products in offices, theatres, auditoriums, etc. makes it one of the highly rewarding business ideas.

5) Scrap metal business – If you are an innovative engineer that is highly sensitive towards the environment too, scrap metal business can be one of the small scale mechanical business ideas you are looking for. The waste when recycled and recreated can give various metals that can be molded into some useful products at the later stage.

6) Manufacturing household gadgets – Every household requires devices to make the work easier, like coffee makers, blenders, mixers, etc.  These are some devices which a good mechanical engineer can design them with ease.  You may carry out a detailed study as to what are the basic requirements of a household and how can you upgrade it.  This is a great business idea for engineers in India.

7) Mechanical industry machines – As a mechanical engineer, you can find a business in almost every field especially that requires machines. You can start with the manufacturing of the simplest machines or parts of them. But before starting, make sure that you have detailed research about the business. Initially start with low-end producing machines and slowly expand with time.

8) Manufacturing of defense weapons – As a mechanical engineer your skill can be put to good use in the defense. You may manufacture guns, lasers, and other defensive weapons or a few parts in it. But make sure you have taken appropriate permits from the State Authorities before commencing this type of business. As weapons are used in good quantities by security guards, police officials etc. this business is beneficial for mechanical engineering entrepreneurs in India.

9) CCTV manufacturing – With the increasing concern for security at commercial and residential places, the demand for CCTV cameras has increased since the last decade. If you are confident with your mechanical and electronic skills, then the manufacturing of CCTV can prove to be a good start-up in mechanical engineering. It is one of the top profitable mechanical engineering startup ideas to start now.

10) Mining equipment lease – This is another mechanical engineering business startup ideas to commence in India. The mining industry requires a lot of machines and they are quite expensive, so people prefer leasing them rather than buying them. The capital requirement is quite hefty in this business, but it would pay off in the long run.

11) Generator maintenance services – Almost all machinery requires regular maintenance and repair and so as generators. If you like working with oil, grease, and dirt, then you can start venturing into this field. This is a good small business mechanical engineering ideas.

12) Fitness equipment manufacturing – Nowadays, people have become a fitness freak. This is the reason why there is a sudden increase in the demand for fitness equipment. Many fitness centers, call upon the engineers to manufacture the equipment as per their requirements.  If you work hard and with vigor, it is a lucrative business idea for engineers in India.

13) Metal sign boards – Many are switching from neon and wood signboards to that of metals because of the myriad of advantages. The business requirements include a good space for a shop, necessary tools and equipment, and a link to the manufacturer of raw material.

14) Outdoor bicycle rack – An outdoor bicycle rack is something that is used to secure the bicycles kept outside.  There are different types of racks an individual can demand, so before plunging conduct a proper study. Ensure proper marketing and approach individuals regarding business.

15) Teach CAD/CAM/CAE – As a mechanical engineer, you can always teach people about CAD/CAM/CAE software. This is right now the best field, as lot of R&D is shifting in India (thanks to Make in India initiative by Modi government). Cadd centre and CTTC are example.

16) Repair of automobiles – With the development of technology, new features are being introduced in automobiles making them more complicated to repair for an unskilled worker.  Therefore, starting such a type of business is a good small business mechanical engineering ideas to venture into.

17) Manufacturing 3D printers – Manufacturing of 3D printers is still a developing field in India.  If you are a mechanical engineer, aspiring for a startup, starting business in this field is the right time.  As and when the industry will grow, you would already have a secured spot.

18) Nuts and bolts manufacturing – Nuts and bolts of different shapes, sizes and types are used in every machinery, whether small or big. These are light mechanical products and do not require a hefty investment. If you maintain good quality in the nuts and bolts, it can be one of the most profitable small-scale mechanical business ideas.

19) Training school – Not many people are fortunate enough to get the relevant training from regular schools. If you are a mechanical engineer who holds expertise in your field, you can open a training center.  Thus, providing a platform that renders good practical knowledge along with theoretical science can be one of the best mechanical engineering startup ideas.

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20) Customization of automobiles – People want the ready automobiles to be customized in their way.  They want some changes to be made in the interiors of their automobiles to make it more useful for them.  This requires great mechanical skills that can alter the entire automobile.  With some innovative ideas and hard work, this can prove to be a good small mechanical engineering idea. It is one of the good mechanical engineering startup ideas.

Wishing you all the best in becoming top mechanical engineering entrepreneurs in India.

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  1. Respected Suresh sir….Greetings….I am a businessman manufacturing sheet metal components and fabrications for auto industries…for many OEs….pls support me with your valuable experience …on the latest profit making products we can manufacture and also has value additions to the society as a whole….awaiting your support …regards…k.c.sureshmenon…

  2. Hi Suresh

    Good compilation but please remove this from the list.

    Private jet repairs and maintenance

    It is not a startup idea and it is not like any other automobile industry where you can start a garage with repair shop. This needs huge investments and lot of regulations involved in repairing even a single part that goes into aircrafts. Safety comes first.

    I am from Aerospace background and have 18+ years of experiance. I suggest please remove this or include right facts.

    1. Hello Saravana, May times, I would feel proud about my readers. While they like my views and ideas, they would try to make a immediate comment if something is not practically doaable or inappropriate or incorrect. This way the ideas are also clean and genuine. I have just replaced this with another business idea now. Thanks for your valuable comments

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