8 things to know about making money through binary options trading

 Making money through binary options trading 

Making money through binary options trading – Is this your cup of tea ?

After we published the article on “Making money through binary options trading”, there are about a dozen mails from the readers enquiring whether “Is this my cup of tea?”, “Can I invest” etc. Investor should be aware of several things about making money through binary options trading.

8 things to know about making money through binary options trading

  1. Binary options trading is for investors who want to invest and earn quick money in shorter period of time
  2. Binary options trading are offered for the investment time of 60 seconds to 60 minutes. It gets expired 10 minutes before expiry.
  3. Change in single Pip (4th digit of the pair currency which you are trading) would turn your investment returns either positive or negative. Pip gets changed almost every second.
  4. This is a high risk high reward investment option. 




    • If you invest $ 10 and your prediction goes correctly that either the binary trading option would move up or down, you would get upto 88% i.e. $8.8. So your investment has moved from $ 10 to $ 18.8. However your prediction has gone wrong and the underlying asset has fallen, you would lose the entire investment amount.
  5. Several investors lose money as they jump on to trading as soon as they sign-up, without understanding how the system works. Later they blame the trading system.
  6. Ask yourself, what if I lose the money. If you are ready to take the risk, than you can try this investment option
  7. One of the best ways to trade successfully in binary trading system is to undergo training for 1-2 months, understand how the system works, try and test the virtual money before you start trading. There are several websites (like fxempire.com) which provide good insights about binary trading options. Once you are familiar, you can start investing with real money.
  8. If you have lost money in one trade, do not jump and increase your investment in second trade to cover the loss of previous trade. It could be that you would lose all the money before the day closes.

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