Telenor India free Life Insurance Coverage to its subscribers – How should you avail it?

Telenor India free Life Insurance Coverage to its subscribersTelenor India free Life Insurance Coverage to its subscribers – How should you avail it?

Last week, Telenor India, a mobile network operator has launched a one of kind new initiative by offering free life insurance coverage for its customers. This is a new initiative in telecom industry. Telenor India operates from 6 circles across India and this would benefit to all its existing customers and potential new customers. This is free life insurance coverage, hence it would be benefitial to telenor subscribers without additional costs. What is Telenor India Free Life Coverage all about? How to avail free life insurance coverage offered by Telenor India? How to claim death benefit in case of demise of customer?

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Features of Telenor Free Life Insurance Coverage

  • Telenor offers free life insurance coverage for all its existing 47.55 Million Customers.
  • Telenor India currently operates from 6 circles across Andhra Pradesh, Bihar (Including Jarkhand), Maharastra, Gujarath and Uttar Pradesh (East and West). This free life insurance coverage would applicable to all customers across these circles.
  • Telenor mobile customer would get 100 times of monthly recharge value as life insurance coverage and maximum to the extent of Rs 50,000.
  • New Customers joined in less than 2 months would get life insurance coverage benefit for Rs 10,000 and there-after if they continue they would get benefitted to actual life insurance coverage like any other existing customer.
  • Telenor India offers this life insurance coverage free of cost in collaboration with Shriram Life Insurance and MicroEnsure.

How to avail this Free Life Insurance from Telenor India communications?

Existing customers can avail this service by calling customer call center or dial the self-help menu *121# or opt-in for it by approaching any of the 2100 Telenor stores. For every recharge done by the customer, a 100X insurance cover will be provided to him. For customers availing this offer, there is no separate documentation required.

How nominee can claim this life insurance in case of death?

In case of demise of Telenor customer, nominee can avail life insurance coverage amount by submitting death certificate, nominee ID proof and SIM card of the Telenor customer. Telenor communication verifies the documents and does the settlement within 7 days after verification is completed.

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What does Telenor Communication / Shriram Life Insurance management say about this free life insurance coverage?

Telenor India CEO, Mr.Vivek Sood says “This is an innovative product that will bridge the disparity in access to life insurance among the low and middle-income individuals. With insurance penetration being very low in the country, our scheme has the potential to empower society through financial security. Our deep understanding of mass-market consumers’ behavior, a huge retail network and efforts to create awareness around services beyond basic voice will enable us to remove persistent financial risks faced by our customers. With the life insurance offer, Telenor will create a unique differentiation in financial services just like we have done with our affordable mobile service”.

Commenting on the joint venture, Mr. Manoj Jain, CEO, Shriram Life Insurance said, “This is a win-win partnership to extend the benefits of insurance to the socially weaker segment especially in rural areas. The reach of Telenor India and the expertise of MicroEnsure in micro-insurance, together with Shriram Life “ Aam Aadmi” approach will play the role of a catalyst in making available affordable life insurance and mitigate the risks of a common man.”

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Telenor India free Life Insurance Coverage to its subscribers

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