12% Sakthi Finance Secured NCD Feb / Mar-2015 Review

12% Sakthi Finance Secured NCD Feb / Mar-2015 Review Tamilnadu based, Sakthi Finance Limited is coming up with Secured Non Convertible debentures (NCD) which offers 12.01% annualized yield. Sakthi Finance NCD has opened up for subscription on 27th Feb, 2015. Sakthi Finance is an asset finance company with primary focus on financing pre-owned commercial vehicles. How good is Sakthi Finance NCD’s? […]

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11.25% Muthoot Finance NCD-Nov/Dec-2014

Muthoot Finance NCD-November/December-2014 Muthoot finance NCD subscription would open on 19th November, 2014. It is issuing secured and un-secured NCD’s in this current issue. The interest rates are as high as 11.25% per annum compared to Aug-14 NCD of 11.50%. I have been providing provided my analysis earlier several times on Muthoot Finance NCD’s, however, I would cover some important points […]

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12.25% Midland Microfin Secured NCD-May/Jun-2014

Since companies are finding difficult to get funding from the general public through corporate deposits, these days they are choosing Secured NCD route. Midland Microfin Secured NCD’s have opened up for subscription from 26th May, 2014 and closes on 23rd Jun, 2014. Midland Microfin Secured Non-Convertible debentures carry interest up to 12.25% per annum and yield works out to be […]

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