30 Small profitable business Ideas in India

There are several ideas to make money. However, now people are looking for small profitable business ideas in India. One would always love to invest in high profitable small business ideas. However identifying small profitable business ideas is the key for the success of the business. We have filtered 30 small profitable business ideas that can be started in India with low investment. Based on the investment and passion towards the subject one can start these business ideas for profitable growth.

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30 Small profitable business Ideas in India

1) Travel Agency

In this stressful world, everyone looks out for vacations both short and long. This acts as a brilliant business idea as all that is needed in an office, 2 staff members and computers to coordinate with the clients as well as the service providers. This takes time to build in clients, but if the quality services are provided in reasonable commissions, it can work really well. An investment of around 2 lacs works well as almost all the amounts are taken from the clients before the same is paid to the service provider. This is one of the good small profitable business ideas in India.

2) Tuition Center

If you are qualified in any subject or vocation, tuition centers are gaining a lot of business with an increased inclination towards education. Location and quality of teachings are extremely important though. An investment would be as low as the rent of around Rs 10,000 along with an infrastructure cost of around Rs 20,000 for a basic classroom.

3) Online” Work from home jobs”

Work from home jobs, range from data entry to niche domain writing. The investment is a laptop or a computer with Internet connection. There is a lot of scope and the business has no geographical boundaries.

4) Corporate blogging

Corporate blogging like online jobs have no geographical boundaries and have good money if the matter is plagiarism free and helps the clients get good views. Limited resources to be employed and have good potentials.

5) Fruit juice kiosk

Fruit juice kiosk or an ice cream parlor requires a good location, which can get a good footfall and quality products and services to make sure that the customers are happy. Healthy drinks are another market, which is being entered by many new ventures. As people both young and old want a healthy lifestyle they visit these places often to take a break from their daily stressful schedules. The investment can range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 Lakhs depending on the scale one is looking for.

6) Fruit and vegetable Mart

A business, which does not sound very lucrative actually caters to the necessities of every household and is economically fruitful. An investment of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.5 Lakhs would be sufficient to set up a hygienic, covered and well equipped Mart, where people can buy vegetables and fruits under one roof at reasonable prices.

7) Tailoring store/ designer studio

If you have the skill sets, fashion is one place where people spend these days. They want new attire for all occasions. So if you have the right choice and expertise to cater to this need of the society, an investment scale of Rs 20,000 (home tailoring) to Rs 2 Lakhs (Designer Studio) can get name, fame and money for you. It is one of the best small profitable business ideas in India.

8) You Tube channel

Unique ideas accompanied with superb presentation can make you earn from the YouTube channel at almost negligible cost.

9) Event management/ organizer

Event management is required to give a unique and special look to create memories. Everyone wants to spend money in a manner that each penny is being utilized in a manner that the guests go back with good memories. Event managers take up this role by charging a fee for their ideas and services. The cost involved in such a venture can range from nothing to an amount, which is needed to maintain stocks like decoration items, chairs, tables etc.

10) Marriage makers

This is a simple, social and a good money making business in this era, where people are looking for trustworthy people who can find the right partner as per the expectations. This requires good contacts with people as well as other websites and agencies to carry on the business at paramount heights.

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11) Photography

A hobby converted into passion and business, is how photographers are made. If you have a good camera and the software to edit the same, go ahead and start your photography studio. If you want to test your skills, you need no investments, but just publicity to go to the venue and click good pictures and create memories to get paid. This is one of the top small profitable business ideas in India.

12) Book Stall

As our Prime minister is stressing a lot on education for all and particularly for women, it is making a lot f difference in the manner people have started recognizing the importance of education. In such a scenario, opening up a bookstore can be a great idea to earn money and also create a social awareness about the same. A cost of Rs 1 Lakh works well in all locations to start with a decent size store, as a lot of credit is available in this field.

13) Artificial jewelry (Trading)

One should follow the trends; use your expertise and trade to make the youth look better. Artificial jewelry trading is an upcoming business and is gaining popularity with increasing prices of precious metals like gold, silver, and diamonds. The expected investment is between Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 5 Lakhs. It is one of the best profitable small business ideas in India.

14) Tea / coffee Stall or a Café Coffee Day

It is extremely important to understand the consumer preferences before making decisions in regard to the selection of location, type of beverages and food served as well as the pricing. Tea/ coffee hub is the favorite for all irrespective of the age group. Good taste and ambiance can help the kiosk get loyal customers with an investment between Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 Lakhs.

15) Garment trader

Trading has been one of the tested traditional businesses in India. There are innumerable success stories in trading. Any type of trading and in particular garment trading is a brilliant business idea to have reasonable and safe profits with the need of a working capital of around 1-2 lacs along with a warehouse and good clients. This is one of the good profitable small business ideas in India.

16) Fitness instructor

Training and good diet with a professional degree might get you good money without investments if you have the right physique and skills to train the obese and fitness freaks who visit the gym.

17) Graphic Designing

A course of approximately Rs 40k – 50k accompanied by creativity and a laptop can get you superb online and offline graphic designing jobs.

18) Script Writing/ proofreading

If you are skillful in reading and writing accompanied with patience and time to read and correct the pre-written documents, Script-writing and proofreading can be brilliant ways to earn some handy money by utilizing your leisure time at home. NO INVESTMENTS NEEDED.

19)  Online Portals

If you have limited skills and resources, one can get the different traders/ manufactures get connected under one portal. The orders would reach you from around the globe whereas the delivery can be based on the place of residence/ convenience.

20) Tiffin / Dabba Services

Good food is a need for all those who are in 9-5 jobs. Good and hygienic food, which taste delicious might get you unimaginable business irrespective of the place you live. The investments are approximately INR 1,000 per client per month, which is repaid in the next month itself.

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Other businesses which are profitable small business ideas are:

21) Daycare center

22) Pet Care Center

23) Research Companies

24) Food Trucks/ Vans

25) Coaching Centers

26) Soft Skills Training Centers

27) Translator Services

28) Career Counseling Services

29) Cooking Classes

30) Classes for kids ranging from music to academics and extra- curricular activities.

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  2. I think that fruit and vegetable mart is a good profitable business. I’d like to start a business like this. Thanks for sharing this article. This is very helpful.

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