120 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment and high profits

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment and high profitsSmall Business Ideas with Low Investment and high profits

In today’s dynamic world, many people aspire to have a business of their own with low investment and good returns. However, filtering a business idea is not that easy. There are several small business ideas with low investment, however, every business may or may not be profitable. Everyone would look only for top 10 small business ideas. However, one should choose a business idea that fits their passion, investment and the appetite to take risk. We have filtered 120 small business ideas with low investment that can give high profits. You can review any of these business ideas and choose the business idea that would suit you.

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Overview of small business

You can skip this section if you are already aware of what small business we are referring here.

Small business can be defined as privately owned businesses with fewer employees and limited investment. They do not grow very big but confined to smaller in size by creating recognizable profit. These are suitable for college students, women specially housewives, young entrepreneurs and employees who are fed-up with their job and aspiring to become entrepreneurs. If run with proper planning and full vigor, they can be hugely successful and fetch you with good sums of money.

120 Simple Small Business Ideas with Low Investment ideas

Here is the small business ideas list.

1) Get Pre-School franchise – Creative and engrossing pre-schools are in much demand as the parents are attracted with ‘learning with fun’ concept. This could be one of the good franchise small business ideas.

2) Play area or an adventure area for kids – the kids love simple adventure and spend time in those adventures. You can start a small business by providing them a small adventurous area. You can organize birthday parties and get-together for kids there.

3) Day-care schools – with the increase in working mothers, day-care cum pre-school is the primary requisite for them. By providing good and hygienic facilities, you can attract a good number of students.

4) Exercise classes for pregnant ladies – health and fitness is of great concern in pregnancy. You can open exercise classes designed especially for them. But, you need to get special training for this first. It is unique business idea and its success rate is high.

5) Tea or coffee café – one of the best business ideas is to provide a cozy place to hang out probably with tea and coffee. You can insert some unique ideas or quiz in it.

6) Customized gift store – The customized gift store serve customer by offering customized gifts as per their requirement like printed t-shirts, mugs, customized photo album, articles and goodies etc. It can be worked online too. This is one of the creative small business ideas.

7) Party hosts – If you are dynamic and versatile in communication, you can host the parties like birthdays, anniversaries. You can arrange for games and other sources of entertainment.

8) Business of antiques – This business deals in antique items and artifacts. It is a highly profitable business. You can even organize an auction in it.

9) Interior designer – if you belong to an architectural or civil field, you can go for interior designing but to excel in the field you need to attain a degree of designing courses.

10) DJ services – If you are good music listener and have a great knowledge in songs and music, you can start thinking about DJ service business. Here you need to have CD players, mixtures and turntable.

11) Hot air balloon or boat ride services – Such business requires some permission and legal procedures from government. It requires huge manpower and investment. You also need a big space to operate it.

12) Chat bot services – it is a next generation business. In it, you need to build bots as per the requirements of customers. It requires too much of technical and expertise knowledge. The investment is quite low.

13) Dance institute – it is one of the best business ideas with low investment and involving creativity. You can either hire a teacher, or plan to become a teacher by yourself by learning dance. Some specific classical dance form is a special niche.

14) Yoga center – Awareness for fitness is increasing day-by-day. One can open a yoga center and get good yields with low investment.

15) Unique seasonal ice-creams – If you are looking for something innovative, you can make ice-creams from seasonal fruits. Home-made ice-creams are in great demand if they taste good. You just need to develop a unique formula of making ice-cream.

16) Musical instrument tutoring – if you are inclined towards music and musical instruments, you can even open an institute that makes the students learn different musical instruments. You can hire a few teachers for it. If you are totally new to this field, don’t go for it.

17) Hair business – it sounds weird but true. A lot of hair is imported from India to make wigs. You can tie up with few hair salons to collect cut hair.

18) Traditional food service – In today’s multi-cuisine world, the people are missing the taste of real ethnic food. If you are interested in cooking, this is a very good home-based business idea. You can supply all traditional sweets and vegetables from home.

19) Funeral services – It is a new concept in India. You can provide with all material and assistance to family and relatives regarding last rituals of a person.

20) Doula counselor – it is another new concept in India. It is generally seen that due to hormonal change in pregnancy, a woman needs emotional assistance and information relating her pregnancy and birth of her child.

21) Organic farming – if you possess knowledge about farming and have a piece of land, you can start organic farming on it. Grow organic fruits, vegetables and cereals and see their demand. Since every one has become health conscious now, this could turn into good small profitable business idea.

22) Mobile garage services – Cars can break down anywhere. A mobile car servicing facility can be too handy in that case. Such business are small business ideas for men.

23) Tuition classes – if you are good at academics, you can open a tuition center. It is the best home-based business idea with minimum investment

24) Home bakery – if you are good at making cakes and chocolates, you can open a home bakery. They are in great demand in birthday parties and during celebrations. You just need to have utensils, baking oven, molds and packing material for it. The scope for growth is immense in this field.

25) Recruitment services– In this, you need to collect the data of people searching for jobs. Then, refer the suitable candidates to the requiring companies and earn commission.

26) Tiffin services – Many corporations and offices need lunch for their employees at their workplaces. If you can provide good home-made food at reasonable rates, your services can be in great demand.

27) Tailoring – if you are a housewife and know sewing, you can opt for this home-based job. Initially start with alterations and modifications, them later on, you can go for good stitching. You can take training for it too.

28) Cooking classes – An expertise in cooking can pay you good sums of money. You can open cooking classes at home. You may need to improve your cookery skills in some specialized food like Chinese, Thai, Italian etc.

29) Spoken English classes – if you are well-versed in English, spoken English classes is an excellent option for business. It is a pre-requisite for many jobs and working areas.

30) Foreign language coaching – if you know any foreign language, you can opt to open foreign coaching classes for students and working professionals. Spanish, French and German are few common foreign languages.

31) Insurance agent – if you have good and influencing communicative skills, you can become an insurance agent. In it, you are required to sell insurance policies and earn commission on it.

32) Marriage bureau – in this business, you need to collect the data of boys and girls who are searching for the right match. Your income source would be registration of members in your bureau.

33) Referral marketing business – in this business, you need to sell the products and services of a company. You will earn income on your sold products as well as of your group members. It is a team business which requires a lot of effort.

34) Errand services – it is an excellent part-time service. In it, you need to offer your services for errand tasks like providing groceries, banking tasks, paying utility bills, delivering other required things etc.

35) Medical sample collection – you can collect samples for medical tests from the homes of ill people for pathology clinics.

The above were a descriptive list of business ideas with small capital. Now, here’s is the name list of more most successful small business ideas.

36) Career counselor – today, many youngsters get worried about their career as to what are the options available for higher education and which university to choose etc. you can open a consultancy service to guide such people. They are in great demand today.

37) Accounting and record keeping – many small and large firms are in need of accountants and record-keepers who can maintain their financial records accurately. For this, you need to be expert in accounting software.

38) Visa consultant – if you have knowledge of visa rules and regulations of various countries, you can open your own consultation office to guide people who want to visit overseas for studies, work and other purposes.

39) Personal chef – a personal chef is one who is hired by different clients for preparing food on a temporary basis. If you possess the skill of making tasty food, you can be a personal chef.

40) Diet food café – people are becoming a fitness freak these days. You can provide a decent place to sit with friends and family that serve only diet food and healthy food. It is a good option for those who are looking for reducing weight still want to go out.

41) Candle making – handmade, decorative and designer candles are much in demand in households and hotels. You can open a business of making unique candles. They are a great sell-off during festival season. Generally, if you are looking for small business ideas for small towns, these businesses would suit you.

42) Hand-made soaps – one of the simplest business ideas with low investment is to make soap at home. For this, you need to possess a formula of making soaps, raw material and molds. If advertised properly, it can prove to be a very profitable business.

43) Pickle making – If you are an expert in making pickles of various kinds, you can make your part-time business. They are in great demand and profit margin is high.

44) Fruit jam making – this business is famous mainly in hilly areas where fruits are quite cheap and readily available. You just need to have few small machines for it. Some of those most suitable for women entrepreneurs and called as small business ideas from home.

45) Food catering business – it is an evergreen business option where you have to arrange food and other things for a party or function. If you are good at management and have contacts in this field, you can start with this business. Initially, you can take up small parties.

46) Scented sticks making – Agarbatti or scented sticks is an evergreen, daily-use item. You can develop a small industry of it. It does not involve heavy investment.

47) Paan centre – Different flavored paan and mouth fresheners are liked by people. It is a very good business with minimum cost. The success of this business depends a lot upon the raw-material used.

48) Laundry service – this service is also in demand with the increase of usage of delicate clothes. It does not require any special skill.

49) Aquarium shop – aquarium is another low cost good business idea. People are fond of keeping fish and fish tanks at home.

50) Astrology – people are always inquisitive about their future and wellness, that’s why Astrology or palm reading is very famous. For this, you have to take special training for reading hands.

Apart from these, there are few more small business ideas in India, which can prove to be fruitful to you.

51) Party planner

52) Fitness trainer

53) Sports coach

54) Wedding planning services

55 Mobile food shop

56) Fast food parlour

57) Health drinks and salad parlour

58) Hobby classes

59) Courier services

60) Ice dish and soda shop

61) Idol making

62) Bag making

63) Papad making

64) Event planner

65) Real estate agent. Such business can be started without any start-up costs.

66) Pest control

67) Fumigation services

68) Landscaping and gardening services

69) Pet services

70) House repair services

71) Software training

72) Car pooling services

73) Spy and security services

74) Blogging

75) Vlogging

76) Videos in YouTube channel

77) Freelance writing

78) Data entry

79) SEO expert

80) Application development

81) Affiliate marketing

82) Selling products on Facebook

83) Selling photos online

84) Domain flipping

85) Stock market trading

86) Mobiles sales and repair

87) Health club

88) Readymade namkeen and snacks

89) Packaged drinking water

90) Jewelry production and sale

91) Dairy

92) Travel agency

93) IT Hardware shop

94) Providing industrial and commercial machinery on rent

95) Grocery store

96) Organic food store

97) Cosmetic store

98) Stationary and book store

99) Auto spare part store

100) Hardware store

101) Fancy dress renting business

102) Decorative items suppliers

103) Car renting

104) Bus renting

105) ATM space rental

106) Bottle filter and bottling plant

107) Manufacturing of plastic bottles

108) Making of fertilizers

109) Production of leather related items

110) Honey making. This is one of the good manufacturing business ideas.

111) Manufacturing of toys

112) Candy making

113) Handmade biscuits making

114) Homemade shampoo making

115) Making of oils for various purposes

116) Manufacturing of paper

117) Soap and detergent manufacturing

118) Seed distribution business

119) Audio equipment rental

120) Making crochet products

All the above ideas involved very little or no investment. Successful business needs proper direction, positive effort and adaptation to a changing environment through which it can lead the way to success.

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Small Business Ideas with Low Investment and high profits

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  1. There are many small business which can be start from scrape but can get great returns from it. Mainly for women who want to start new career with business these are some awesome ideas to start up. I am obliged for this wonderful article, it will help many people to start their life in new way.

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