“Share and Subscribe” – Contest: Get a chance to win free financial planning service

Share and Subscribe - Contest"Share and Subscribe" – Contest: Get a chance to win free financial planning service

We have conducted best appreciation and best criticism contest during Feb-13 and received several suggestions to improve our blog. We are now conducting one more contest. Two of the readers, would get a free financial planning service. Read on….

What is this financial planning service all about?

Earlier, I was doing “Financial planning Service” for one of the customer. Our customer was a recent visitor of our blog. When we started reviewing his financial status and presented the facts to him, he was shocked. He has very less insurance coverage. In case of any unforeseen thing happening to him, with the kind of insurance coverage he had, his family would be able to survive for next 3-4 years instead of 10-15 years. He was not aware of such fact. Financial planning helps such people to plan for their family, even if they are not there.

What do we cover in financial planning service?

It is not just the insurance coverage which is one of the factors. If you want to achieve your financial goals in pre-defined way and with much faster pace, everyone should do their financial planning. It could be children education, daughter marriage or retirement planning, whatever it could be, can be done in better way and can be achieved faster than what we think. We charge a fees for doing such financial planning. For sample financial plan, please refer this https://myinvestmentideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Sample-financial-planning.pdf

How can readers participate in this "Share and Subscribe" – Contest?

It is a 3 step process:

1) Pick-up your favorite or most liked article. Share it on Facebook. You can do this in two ways

  • Copy the URL from the browser and “share” it on Facebook or
  • Share it with links available at the top and bottom of the article

2) Subscribe to email tips: You just need to enter your mail and click subscribe button. You would get a mail to your mailbox. Please confirm the links provided in the email to confirm your email subscription. If you are already an email subscriber, skip this step

3) Leave a comment below in comments section with your name and email ID once you have done it. Once I approve the comment, your comment would appear with name. Your email ID would not appear.

What is the period of "Share and Subscribe" – Contest?

Period of contest starts from 23-Apr-2013 and ends on 7-May-2013.

Why I am giving away such premium service for two readers for free?

To be honest, while two members would be benefitting with financial planning, I too would get benefitted by getting more readers through Facebook and with more email subscribers.

Final word

The above contest is done by myinvestmentideas.com and the final decision of choosing the winners would be from our end. No queries or questions would be entertained. Myinvestmentideas.com decision would be final in this regard.

This article is free for circulation. You can pass it on to your friends.

"Share and Subscribe" – Contest: Get a chance to win free financial planning service

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