30 Profitable Tech-Related Business Ideas to start now

Many people aspire to do business. They would have done their higher studies and do not want to start any small business which is irrelevant to their education. If you are tech savvy and want to start a tech business or tech-related business, then you are at right place. In this article we would provide 30 profitable tech-related business ideas to start with low to medium investment. These tech startup ideas in 2023 can be further filtered based on your passion and size of the investment.

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What do we mean by Tech-Related Business Ideas?

By Tech-Related Business Ideas, I want to point out those business ideas that require some sort of skills and knowledge in the field of technology. Today, the world is driven largely by technology and the people who are not tech-savvy are lagging. All the businesses and entrepreneurs, whether big or small are incorporating the latest technologies to excel in their business. This has opened up many new avenues for people who are tech-savvy and fast learners.


Who can start these businesses?

Many passionate and young aspires are masters in a particular set of knowledge or skill in the field of technology, but they do not want to be the puppets in their boss’ hands. They want to initiate their start-up and work hard for their development and progress.

30 Profitable Tech-Related Business Ideas to start now

There are many business ideas that are somehow related to the use of technology. We have penned down a few for you.

1) AI entrepreneur

AI refers Artificial Intelligence. It is a field of huge potential and immense opportunities. If you have considerable knowledge about AI, you can initiate an AI business. You can choose a small part of it and make progress on it. E.g. a device activating with voice. The future is all about AI, hence this is one of the best future technology business ideas to start in 2023.

2) Online school

The world is moving rapidly as the technology is developing. Even the schools and educational institutions have started imparting education online for distant learners. So, starting an online school could be a very lucrative idea. Considerable know-how of technology could help you in doing that. You can also hire a few teachers. This is one of the profitable tech business ideas.

3) Big data analytics service

Big data is another buzzword that has spread across the tech industry these days. With the huge amount of data available, many corporate companies are finding it difficult to have a summary. Hence, many corporates seek data analyst services who can interpret meaning out of large chunks of data. This service has proven to be successful for many businesses.  Such service would help for better product selection and boost the sales of the company.

4) Tech blog

If you are an expert in any particular technical field, you can start writing blogs for it. For example, if you have in-depth knowledge about the features of the mobile, its value for money, and other pros and cons, you can start writing blogs about the mobile models of various companies. Believe me, if you can attract good readers, you can earn a good income from it.

5) Computer training

The world today is living at the mercy of computers. The major part of the work in offices is done through this machine. So, if you are quite savvy with it, you can open your computer training center. Here, you may train children and adults on a particular software or just teach basic computer operations. This is an evergreen tech related business ideas to start in India.

6) Blog consulting

If you are an expert in blogging and find fellow bloggers seeking your advice and tips on blogging, you can offer blog consulting services. In this business, you can ‘farm out’ writing and other blog-related projects to third parties.

7) Web designer

This business is always in demand as almost every company needed creative hands who can make an attractive website. If you are good at graphic designing, interface design, copy writing, UX design, you can surely rely on these skills and opt web designing as your career. This business has immense opportunities as it has generated around $38 billion in the last few years.

8) Computer repair and management

Nowadays almost every industry from all the sectors use computers and they are subject to get damaged quite often. So, if you have a technical background, you can provide services to operating systems while supporting all major platforms.

9)  Social media consulting

Big and reputed brands often hire social media consultants who may help them to promote their products on social media sites.  If you are a social media expert, you can choose to become a social media consultant and gain a contract from a few companies. This is the best technology related business ideas that focuses on brand building of companies especially start-ups.

10) Device for car tracking

Many people are getting the device for car tracking installed in their cars or vehicles.  You can come up with a business in which you can install a car-tracker as well as provide the services for repairing it. Fleet operators and people dealing with public transport, especially use them to track and manage all their vehicles. This is one of the best innovative ideas in information technology.

11) Create a chatbot – There is a big market for chatbot or IM robot today. It is a computer program that can chat and communicate with people online. Several websites and applications require chatbots. Thus, creating a chatbot is relatively a profit earning business.

12) Streaming service for videos – People spend hours daily watching video content. All content, be it entertainment, education, beauty, etc. receives millions of views. So, if you have any such talent you can opt to start a streaming service.

13) Mobile app for shopping – Today, people don’t want to step up the shops for their needs and luxuries. They just want to sit in their cozy arenas and do online shopping. If you possess considerable knowledge about creating an app, it could help you in creating an online shopping app. All you need to do is get a few retailers who would sell their products on your application.

14) Set up an e-Library – With the onset of technology, everything is done online. People have been fond of reading books for ages. So, why not reading books online. You can set up an E-library with people from all around the globe would visit your website, rent, download or buy E-books, audio, documents etc.

15) Run an internet cafe – Internet cafe are pulling a large number of individuals every day. A place with free wi-fi and coffee are highly preferred by people like freelancers. You can start with a small place with a calm environment and speedy wi-fi.

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16) Software developer – If you can make a user-friendly and alluring software, then becoming a software developer could prove to be a very profitable business. You can make software for small and medium enterprises. You can take a few contracts from different companies and firms. This is one of the best software business ideas to start.

17) SEO consultant – SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Publishers and businesses online want their website or web page to appear on the first page of the Search Engine. There are many ways to do this. So, the companies hire SEO consultants who can help them to do the task.

18) Creating social media networking site – If you possess good skills about creating a networking site, then you can create your own social media networking site. You can enhance your site with a few creative and new ideas. You never know when your site could be as famous as Instagram or Facebook. So, this is a highly profitable business idea.

19) UX testing or design – If you are quite good at coding, UX writing, user empathy, etc. then you can choose to become a UX designer.  Acquiring and integrating the product, including branding aspects, usability and function are involved in this business.

20) 3-D Printing – If you are looking for small scale technical business ideas to start, you can check 3-D printing business. In today’s fast-growing world not only 2D documents, but 3D documents can also be printed. Getting a 3D printer isn’t enough for starting this business, you also require few other skills such as 3D graphic designing, engineering skills, soft skills, etc. If these are embedded in you, you can start your 3D printing service.

21) Podcasting platform – Podcasts are audio files available on the internet. The popularity of podcasts is increasing than ever before. Still, there is a lot of unexplored space in this field.  So, coming up with a podcasting platform can prove to be highly lucrative.

22) Creating a live chat platform – Today many websites provide the facility of live chat platforms on their websites for their clients so that they can communicate with them directly in real time.  It is very useful in getting their customer feedback and improve sales if you have the technical know-how of this, you can create a platform or plug-in to sell to companies.

23) Renting of gadgets – People often want to try out a few things before buying them or they just need gadgets for one time use for a project or an occasion. This means they would like to rent the gadgets so that they do not need to pay full price to buy it. You can buy a few gadgets and put them on rent. Few examples of such gadgets are projector for presentation, a drone for aerial photos, fit bits, phones, gaming systems, etc. This idea involves a bit of investment along with the market research as to what people want to rent. It is one of the new innovative business ideas in India that are emerging now.

24) Services in cloud computing – Traditionally, information or data was stored in physical servers, hard discs or desktops but now with business and organizations getting global, many people want their files or data to be accessible to different places at the same time. Cloud computing is a very popular area of technology where information is stored on the web. You can provide services of cloud computing to your clients. This is one of the top future technology business ideas to start in India.

25) Selling refurbished phones – Every individual has a mobile phone today, but not everyone can pay the top price for the latest smartphone.  So, there is a huge market for refurbished phones. You can get used phones, refurbish them and sell them at a lower price.

26) Repairing smartphones – If you possess the necessary skills to repair smartphones, it could be one of the most profitable ventures. Mobiles and smart phones have become one of the necessities of people after food, clothes, and shelter. Smartphones are so delicate that they are subject to wear and tear in daily life. People would be much happy to pay the repair prices instead of replacing it.

27) Start a shop for all tech – If you are tech-savvy in the entire range of technology-related products you can set up a retail business for things tech. It could be for repairing, selling, or refurbishing or a collection of all. You can create a one-stop shop for people who are looking to buy or get repaired all their technical products.

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28)  Create an online services website – People are now a days don’t want to run here and for each and every small thing. It could be for plumber services, electrical repairs, getting certificates from government offices etc. These activities are time consuming and really painful. One can create such list of services on online website and charge necessary fees.

29) Conduct online research – Conducting research online is a skill. A lot of companies hire people to conduct online research and collect necessary data for them. You can take on this business and create good profits out of it.

30)  Set up computers – Sometimes people know how to run a computer, but they do not want to take the hassle of bringing the computer in the usable state from its packing like installing desired softwares, putting in an operating condition, etc. You can perform this task for them, and they will pay for it.

Conclusion: For passionate individuals who are well acquainted with the digital world, there are plenty of business opportunities for them. You just need to pounce on an idea, modify it to your needs, and work hard on it, success will follow.

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