1. Hello Suresh, What is the maximum contribution for this current year. There were talks to increase the limit but not sure what is the official approval is.

  2. Is there an option to get interest amount on Option 2 or Option 3 like MIS or on specific frequency? Request to guide on this

  3. Sir,
    There is a tax provision introduced in last budget wherein PF contribution beyond 2.5 lacs becomes taxable. If a salaried person has compulsory employer contribution + compulsary Employee contribution + Voluntary PF + PPF more than 2.5 lacs per annun, then whether the PPF contribution is Exempt or becomes taxable? Pls advice

    1. Hello Bondre, There is nothing like withdrawing only interest. You can withdraw upto 60% of the eligible amount after 15 years extension. You can take a call and withdraw a portion once in a year (e.g. total investment is 20 lakhs, eligible amount is 12 lakhs (60%), but interest is 1.4 lakhs (assuming 7%) and you can withdraw only 1.4 lakhs)

  4. Thanks a lot sir, but can we extend it again after 5 years? Or is it always a max investment period of 20 years only?

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