Policyadvisor – Online term insurance and health insurance tools Review

Policyadvisor-Online advisor toolsPolicyadvisor – Online term insurance and health insurance tools Review

Few months back, Policyadvisor which advices on online insurance plans, has launched 2 unique tools. One is online term insurance advisor tool and second is online health insuarance advisor tools. Many of us do not know how much life insurance do we need? We do not know how much health insurance is required if you have pre-existing diseases. These 2 tools would benefit for several such customers. In this article, I would provide more insights about these 2 tools, their benefits and any limitations of these tools.

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What is Online Term Advisor tool?

There are several websites / blogs which indicate how much life insurance one needs. It includes little complicated maths too. Several insurance agents would push high commission insurance policies than the actual need of the customer. In Policyadvisor Online Term Advisor tool, you can get to know about your insurance need in just few minutes. You need to enter your date of birth, Location, Monthly income, current loans, existing term insurance plan amount and other life insurance policy amounts. You would get how much insurance amount you need on the screen.

You can check the online term advisor tool at this link

Step-by-step screen shots of online term advisor tool are shown below:

Policyadvisor-Online term advisor tool-1

Policyadvisor-Online term advisor tool-2

Policyadvisor-Online term advisor tool-3

Policyadvisor-Online term advisor tool-4

What is Online Health Insurance Advisor tool?

In Policyadvisor Online Health Advisor tool, you can get to know about your health insurance need in just 2 minutes. You need to enter your date of birth, Location, Marital status, coverage for no of members, Monthly income, current health insurance policies, pre-existing diseases, major expenses at hospital in last 1 year etc.,. You would get how much health insurance amount you need on the screen along with the parameters entered by you.

You can check the online health insurance advisor tool at this link

Step-by-step screen shots of online health advisor tool are shown below:

Policyadvisor-Online health tool advisor-1

Policyadvisor-Online health tool advisor-2

Policyadvisor-Online health tool advisor-3

Policyadvisor-Online health tool advisor-4

What is unique about these online term insurance and health insurance tools from Policyadvisor?

  • You would get to know about how much term insurance and health insurance an individual need in less than 2 minutes.
  • These review tools provide complete details without entering mobile number and email ID at first step. If you wish to proceed based on the analysis given by these tools, you can enter your details and ask for a quote.

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What does the management of Policyadvisor say about these online tools?

I contacted Mr.Krishan Dwivedi, CEO and Founder of Policyadvisor through email and here is what he says about these tools.

According to Krishan Dwivedi, “the tool has been a result of thorough research and user feedback over a period of time. On the internet, there is a lot information and articles on how to calculate you exact Term Insurance need, but there are hardly any sites that analyse the actual need of customers and suggest the correct Term insurance need online in just 2 minutes”.  

He adds “Majority of the agents push products that benefit them rather than the customer. They will never suggest a term product as the commission is negligible. The single biggest concern of customers is whether they really need term insurance or not and if yes, how much cover is ideal. 60% people we surveyed had some kind of insurance, some even had 3-4 policies, but the term cover was inadequate. Now users can depend on our tool to suggest the most accurate insurance cover and then compare and buy  the best plan from insurance companies.” 

He further adds “The tool acts as an online advisor and takes into account the income, existing insurance and liabilities of the user to arrive at the right term insurance requirement”.

Conclusion: These tools main requirement is to help customers to know their insurance needs. If one is interested, they can request for best online term insurance or health insurance quotes after reviewing their requirement through this tool. Hence, I feel customers are not going to loose anything by going through these tools. These would indeed help them to know their life insurance and health insurance requirement. 

Readers, any of you have analysed your insurance requirement through these tools? What are your experiences? Do you feel these tools provide most accurate data of your insurance requirement?

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Policyadvisor – Online term insurance and health insurance tools

Suresh KP


  1. Hi Suresh,
    Trust u r doing well….
    I am 31 and my annual salary is 5.12 lakh.
    I have decided to take a term plan and finding edelweiss Tokyo life my life+ suitable for me.resons are covering till age of 80.less premium in comparison to other comp mainly aegon and hdfc.I am seeing for a term plan for 75 lakh.In edelweiss it is costing me 8433.00 exclusive of taxes.

    Pl suggest.

    1. Ashish, You should get your first term insurance where claim settlement ratio is high. Consider term plans from LIC, HDFC Life or ICICI life or SBI life. If you want to add some more term plans, you can consder the plan indicated by you.

  2. Dear suresh,
    Insurance tools are unique.Thank you for this article.
    Please discuss your views on newly introduced metlife mera term policy and compare with metlife suraksha term policy (with riders)
    with regards,

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