9% Piramal Capital NCD – July 2021 – Review

Piramal Capital NCD - July-2021 - Issue details, interest and analysis9% Piramal Capital NCD – July 2021 – Review

Piramal Capital has come up with Tranche I of secured NCD bonds Issue that would open for subscription on July 12, 2021. Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Limited is the leading NBFC company in India. Piramal Capital NCDs offer interest rates up to 9%. These bonds are issued in 5 different series and for 26 months, 36 months, 60 months and 120 months tenure. Should you invest in Piramal Capital NCD’s of July 2021 – Tranche I? What are the risk factors one should consider before investing in such high risk NCDs?

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About Piramal Capital and Housing Finance Limited

Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Piramal Enterprises Limited (PEL) which is the flagship company of the Piramal Group. They are registered as a non-deposit taking housing finance company with the National Housing Bank (NHB) and are engaged in various financial services businesses. Company provides both wholesale funding opportunities to real estate developers, corporates and SMEs across sectors and retail funding opportunities including housing finance to individual customers. In addition to wholesale lending its business also focuses on retail lending with a differentiated approach towards risk optimized profitability. Under retail lending they offer housing finance, LAP, secured business loans, digital purchase finance and digital personal loans. We provide financing in the housing industry to existing homeowners and new home buyers. They also provide construction finance for residential and commercial projects, and financing to large and mid-sized corporate clients. In real estate, the platform provides financing solutions such as structured debt, construction finance and lease rental discounting to developers and housing finance to home buyers.

Piramal Capital NCD – July 2021 – Issue details

Piramal Capital NCDs would open for subscription on 12th July 2021 and closes on 23rd July 2021. These are allotted on first come first serve basis.

NCD’s are available in 5 different series.

It offers NCD bonds for 26 months, 36 months, 60 months and 120 months tenure.

Coupon interest rates are between 8.35% to 9% for retail investors and 8.1% to 8.75% for other investors.

These are secured NCDs.

Interest payable yearly and on maturity depending on the option chosen by the NCD investor.

The face value of the NCD bond is Rs 1000.

Minimum investment is for the 10 bonds. Means, you need to invest for a minimum of Rs 10,000. Beyond this you can invest in multiples of 1 bond.

These NCD bonds would be listed on BSE and NSE. Hence, these are liquid investments.

NRI’s cannot apply to this NCD subscription.

The base issue size is Rs 200 Crores with an option to retain over subscription up to Rs 800 Crores totaling to Rs 1,000 Crores.

AK Capital, Edelweiss Financials, JM Financials and Trust Investment Advisors are the lead managers for the issue.

Prospectus of Piramal Capital & Housing Finance NCD July-2021

Piramal Capital NCDs – Interest Rates

Piramal Capital NCD Interest Rates for July-2021 issue

Piramal Capital Credit Ratings in 2021

CARE rated these NCDs as CARE AA (CWD) and ICRA ratings rated them as AA: Outlook Negative.

When these NCD bonds would be listed on stock exchanges?

The NCDs are proposed to be listed on BSE. The NCDs shall be listed within 6 working days from the date of the issue closure.

How is the company doing in terms of profits?

Its restated profits are as below:

Year ended March-2020 – Rs 32.4 Crores (after abnormal expenses like impairment on financial instruments)

Year ended March-2021 – Rs 1,034.4 Crores

How these NCDs are secured?

The principal amount of the NCDs plus the interest thereon and all secured obligations to be issued shall be secured by way of a first  ranking pari passu charge by way of hypothecation over the standard movable assets of the Company (both present and future), including receivables and book debts arising out of

(i) investments (not in the nature of equity investments or convertible instruments);

(ii) lending; and

(iii) current assets, loans and advances, save and except any receivables arising out of the investments made or loan extended by the Company to its affiliates, created in favour of the Debenture Trustee, as specifically set out in and fully described in the Debenture Trust Deed, such that a security cover of minimum 100% of the outstanding amounts of the NCDs and interest thereon is maintained at all time until the Maturity Date.

Why to invest in these NCDs of Piramal Capital & Housing Finance?

1) These NCDs offer attractive interest rates up to 9% per annum.

2) Piramal Capital & Housing Finance is a leading NBFC company in India.

3) Piramal Capital NCDs are rated as AA by ICRA and CARE which are considered as safer investments.

4) These are secured NCDs. In case company gets wind-up / closed for some reason, investors of secured NCDS would get preference in repayment of capital along with interest.

Why not to invest in these NCDs?

Here are the risk factors of investing in these bonds.

1) The extent to which the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak impacts its business, cash flows, results of the operations and financial condition will depend on future developments, which are highly uncertain and cannot be predicted.

2) As an HFC, they face the risk of default and non-payment by borrowers and other counterparties. Any such defaults and non-payments would result in write-offs and/or provisions in its financial statements which may have a material adverse effect on our profitability and asset quality.

3) They have exposure to certain infrastructure companies (especially power generation companies). There may be adverse impact of the pandemic (COVID-19) on the infrastructure companies affecting their business operations as well as financial condition due to subdued demand and elongated receivables which may consequently impact its business, cash flows, financial condition and results of operations.

4) Refer NCD prospectus for complete risk factors.

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Should you invest in Piramal Capital NCD’s – July-2021 issue?

Piramal Capital and Housing Finance NCDs offer high interest rates of 9%. It offers 26, 36, 60 and 120 months tenure NCDs which are secured. These have AA rating from CARE and ICRA. While NBFC’s have some risk element, investing in AA rated secured NCDs are good. However, investors can avoid long term tenure of 120 months as we do not know how company might perform in the long term. High risk to moderate risk investors can invest in these NCDs for medium term.

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    I am trying to apply for this NCD from SBI but couldn’t find it today. Any advice?

  2. Outlook for Piramal NCD is indicated Negative by Rating agency. Can you please elaborate this.

  3. Piramal Capital Secured NCD enjoying an AA rating offering interest at 9% is a far better proposition than IIFL Home finance Ltd.’s unsecured NCD offering interest at 9.6% :
    1. Interest on housing loans have fallen to below 7% p.a.. How IIFL Home Finance will make money when it’s cost of funds is at 9.6% unless it compromises on the quality of customers leading to potential delinquency.
    2. Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Company is an NBFC and HFC both and therefore the customer mix and profile will be different than IIFL Home Finance Ltd.

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