Myinvestmentideas Celebrates 7th Birthday celebrates 7th BirthdayMyinvestmentideas Celebrates 7th Birthday

Dear Readers, Today would be celebrating 7th birthday. Every year, Myinvestmentideas has been growing with your wishes. Unlike every year, Minvestmentideas had Tuff time in the last 1 year in its growth. Let us jump in and see what has really worked well and what not in the last 1 year for our blog.


Many of you are aware that myinvestmentideas is focused on providing best and unbiased investment advice in India. This blog was started 7 years back with a simple goal about spreading awareness about various investment options. Yes the one more main motto was to earn money from this blog too.

What worked well with Myinvestmentideas in the last 1 year?

Like every year, we focused on publishing best and unbiased advice about various investment options, mutual funds, IPOs and in reviewing the insurance products. Like every year, there were threatening mails about IPO reviews where we provided negative feedback. When we provided honest and unbiased advice about some of the insurance products, insurance agents were getting nervous and started criticizing our blog. We provide pros and cons and a simple conclusion. Investors are clever in making their own judgments about these insurance products with the facts which we have been providing. We don’t care about what corporates would think or what an insurance agent is worried about. End of the day our reader or investor should get benefitted.

Which are some of the popular articles on myinvestmentideas in the last 1 year?

Here are some of the major articles which readers of this blog or investors benefitted.

Best Articles from Classroom Section

1) Petrol Pump Dealership – Eligibility and How to apply?

2) How to calculate your eligible gratuity amount in India article helped many employee to know their eligible gratuity amount and features of gratuity.

3) How can an employee update the EKYC Online in UAN Portal?

5) Many of the employees are not aware of the Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI).  Our article has enlightened many employees.

Top Articles from Fixed Income Category

1) There are several low risk investors who still believe they can get good returns from post office small saving schemes. Myinvestmentideas has always been publishing the latest post office small saving interest rates as and when these are announced by Ministry of Finance every quarter.

2) Low risk investors were always looking for some of the best Bank FD Rates. Myinvestmentideas started publishing latest FD rates, at least at a quarter or if possible twice in a quarter and giving FD rate comparison table. This has helped investors to be up to date and investing in FD schemes that offered highest FD rates.

3) Our NCD analysis for all new NCDs that were coming to market has been an eye opener for investors. In the last 1 year, we were advising investors to be cautious owning to NBFC crisis.

Top articles from Insurance Category

1) Identifying one of the best term insurance plan was always a challenge, as many insurance companies are offering such plans with low premiums and unique features. Our article about identifying some of the good term insurance plans has been helping our readers and individuals who wanted to take term plans.

2) Many consumers of term insurance plans were cribbing that they are not getting any returns on their term plans. Insurance companies started launching Term Insurance Plans with Returns and trying to attract them. Our article about the Term insurance plan with Premium is an eye opener. We have even asked one of the reader to directly contact insurance aggregators like policy bazaar to check whether whatever we were indicating was right or wrong. This reader has reconfirmed with these aggregators that such plans are offered for high premium and our money is paid back over after tenure of 20 or 30 years without interest.

3) Corporates started launching innovative products to attract customers. Mobikwick offered instance life insurance for just Rs 20. Our analysis about the Mibikwick instant life insurance provided that individuals should not waste their time on such plans.

4) LIC continues to launch insurance products like LIC Mini Bachat and our analysis on this was unbiased. Yes, many insurance agents criticized in many ways, but our view would not change.

5) Our review about Claim Settlement Ratio published by IRDA in Jan-2019 provided view about some of the good insurance companies. This has helped many readers on selecting a good insurance company or whether to continue with their existing insurance company or not.

Articles in IPO Analysis Category

As usual, we provided unbiased IPO analysis for the IPOs that we came in the last 1 year. Yes, there were threatening mails from some of the corporates about negative reviews and appreciations from few for positive reviews. We provide pros and cons along with details of the IPO and a simple conclusion whether to invest or not. Many investors have taken this analysis for their next step to check whether to invest in the IPO or not. Yes, our final conclusion about “Buy” or “Avoid” was not always 100% correct.

Best Articles from Mutual Funds Category

Like every year, we started providing analysis about various mutual fund schemes from large cap, midcap, smallcap, diversified and balanced fund category post SEBI categorization of Mutual Fund schemes last year. We not only wrote about best mutual fund articles, but also analysed some of the worst mutual funds too. Here are some of the popular articles

1) Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in 2019 – This has top 10 mutual funds from largecap, midcap, smallcap, diversified and balanced mutual funds. If you are moderate to high risk investors and confused about which fund is good for you, these top 10 mutual funds can be best bet for you.

2) Top Largecap mutual funds

3) Worst mutual funds in India

Articles from Business Ideas Category

Even this year, many aspiring entrepreneurs started looking for several business ideas. Here are the popular ones that attracted them.

1) 175 Business Ideas with low investment

2) 10 Latest Business Ideas for high profits

3) 50 Top Food business Ideas to start

4) 50 Manufacturing Business Ideas

5) 10 Small Business Ideas without any startup costs

Best Articles from Income Tax Category

Some of these popular articles have attracted many blog readers.

1) Income Tax Investment Proofs submission, article helped many employees. These have commented on our blog and sent several mails to us.

2) Income Tax Dept published ITR Form to be used in FY2019-2020. Our blog has provided quick analysis about “Which ITR Form to be used in FY2019-2020”.

3) 15 Best Tax Saving Investment options article has helped our readers, especially employees to invest in right tax saving option and earn high returns.

4) If you are a low risk investor and want to save tax, investing in best tax saving FD schemes would be a good idea. We have highlighted this in last month’s article.

What are Myinvestmentideas reader statistics in the last 1 year?

Here are the statistics.

1) Jul-2018 to Dec-2018 – There were approximately 16,000 daily page views.

2) Jan-19 to Jun-19 – There were approx. 8,000 to 10,000 page views per day (varying depending on the new insurance / IPO / Mutual Fund products that came in).

What went wrong with Myinvestmentideas in the last 6 months?

Like any other blog, even our blog depends majorly on organic traffic  from google search engine. There were several google algorithms in 2018 based on which we lost ranking for some of the pages by the end of 2018. However, we are confident that it would improve in the second half of 2019.

Readers – Appreciate for good articles and criticize if you don’t like it

My request to blog readers is that please read our articles regularly. If you feel there is something good, appreciate them by way of comments. If you think some improvement needed in the article, you can indicate in the comments with specific details which we can update. If you think there is something seriously wrong, you SHOULD comment. Unless you comment on the blog, there is no way we would know there is an issue with the article (if there are really errors).

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Suresh KP

Myinvestmentideas Celebrates 7th Birthday

Suresh KP


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