My name is myinvestmentideas and I am celebrating 5th birthday – Wish me please

 Happy birthday myinvestment ideas-5 yearsMy name is myinvestmentideas and I am celebrating 5th birthday – Wish me please

Hey Friends, how are you?  My name is I am celebrating 5th birthday today. First, wish me happy birthday. I am so much excited today to share about me and happenings in the last 1 year. Don’t tell this to my boss (suresh kp). He don’t like certain things which I want to share. He always want to take the credit. Hmmm… let me jump what worked well and what has not worked well in last 1 year.

What happened at myinvestmentideas in the last 1 year?

1) Speical Reviews on the latest investment options: Hey, my boss writes continuous and un-biased view on various investment options on this blog. Like last year, even now there were threatening messages on this blog about negative reviews. Yeah boss, keep writing honest reviews please. My dear boss, I know threatening messages on some of the IPO’s like S Chand IPO and CL Educate IPO etc., You do your job, investors would like you. Rest, leave it to investor community to decide whether they want to invest or not.

2) Guest articles on top financial websites: My boss started writing articles on top financial sites like and some of the popular websites. Many people visit me through such websites and my brand value is increasing day by day. I am proud of you my boss.

3) Creating Entrepreneurs: Sometimes I feel surprised. My boss wrote one article about 20 business ideas 5 years back which he updated as 70 business ideas in the last 1 year. Several readers got inspired with the business ideas and some of them earned lakhs of rupess in short term to medium term. I still remember Ms.Ravali, Mr.Prashant, Mr.Rijul who has sent appreciation after they started start-ups based on these inspiring ideas. My boss just gave ideas, but you became real heroes in life by considering such business ideas. First you should thank me and not my boss (sorry boss, even I want credit, they are just emailing you with thanks note, not thanking me on this blog… plz let them comment on this blog too)

4) Working on creating Crorepatis: Yeh my boss written a article saying Rs 1,500 investment per month in mutual funds can make you crorepati. When he wrote this artice, I just laughted at him. But the response that came as part of comments, FB likes, FB shares, twitter shares and emails are amazing. I never thought that there is lot to do with such small savings and such small savings can make Crorepati’s. Thank you boss for such inspiring Crorepati ideas. Keep posting articles which are useful for small investors and ignore criticisms from existing Crorepati’s who want to kill your motivation.

5) 15,000+ page views per day: Last year, more than 10,000 visitors used to visit me during Jun-2016. Currently, with my latest investment plans and ideas, there is an improvement of 50% and average daily page views has crossed 15,000+. This shows investors trust towards me J and not towards my boss…hey boss, I am taking away the credit from you…okay…

6) 25,000+ comments answered till now: By the end of Jun-2016, there were more than 19,000 questions answered on this blog. When it, reached by the end of Jun-2017, the comments responded have been increased from 19,000 to 25,000+. Since too many questions on same topic are being answered, my boss is feeling bored in answering them and he is skiping them. Readers, why don’t you ask unique question on a post?

7) 17,400+ Facebook likes: Many readers like me. Currently, there are more than 17,400 likes on Facebook. Many readers like me, especially when my boss writes articles on mutual funds, New IPO’s, insurance product reviews etc., My boss has just 846 Face book friends and I have 17,400 fan following on Face Book. Boss, I am great.

What did not work well in last 1 year?

Due to honest criticisms done by my boss about some of the investment options, I have beaten to death several times by my enemies. There were several attacks on me and I was diverted to irrelevant websites by some of the competitors and promoters of some of the IPOs where negative / unbiased views were provided. These attacks were so high that my boss has to put me in ICU (2-3 days every time I had attack) and ensured I come out from ICU and become healthy again to help investor community. I know several other blogs are also doing this, but they are not able to come out of ICU and shutting their blogs with such attacks.  Thank you boss for keeping me healthy always.

My boss spend most of the time with me and less time with family, boss you should spend time with your family and children too…..

Which are some of the most Popular Articles in the last 1 year?

1) Good Small Business Ideas with low investment

2) Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds for 2017

3) Top 7 ELSS Funds for 2017

4) Best Child investment Plans in India

5) High Return Investment Options

Humble request to readers

Please read the comments in an article and post a new question. Repeated questions would be time consuming and my boss would not be able to help you with more analysis. Also, please comment on blog in relevant article instead of sending an email to my boss. Since most of them would be generic queries, it would be useful for other readers also who might be searching for similar issues.

Wishing all readers a wonderful year ahead and wish many of you should become Crorepathis with small investments and many should turn to entrepreneurs starting their own start-ups.


Boss of Suresh KP… Yeh, sorry , my boss is Suresh KP 

Suresh KP


  1. Happy Birthday.

    on your birthday I would say that you have given very much knowledge on investment to very common people. many people like me learned many things from this blog.

    keep it up .

    happy birthday once again

  2. Very useful blog!!..Usage of Simple language to explain some  complex  concepts has made this blog  one of my favourites! 

  3. Hi Suresh,


    This blog is very much useful for common people who want to know more on investments.

    It is very helpful for me.


    Thanks for the great writings. By the way Belated b'day wishes to 🙂



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