1. Thanks much for your detailed reply. It helps. One of myth I heard is institutional investment is safe than direct investment. But instead of unnecessary brokerage better to pick and choose 3 to 4 AMC and invest directly is best option

    1. You can invest in direct mutual funds directly through AMC or through 3rd party platforms like Groww or Kuvera or ET Money too. I use Kuvera due to ease and simple dashboards.

  2. I have a doubt . Assume a fund house is withdrawing a plan or closing(or bankruptcy). On that scenario is it safe to invest through institutions like ICICI as Regular rather than direct investment . Heard that institutional investment is safe than direct investment. Request your valuable guidance on this

    1. Each and every AMC is supposed to provide investment details every month not only to SEBI, but also to investors. Hence there is limited scope of bankruptcy. If you are talking about regular mutual funds vs direct mutual funds, all 3rd party platforms are only intermediaries. They do not hold your investments in any way. Between regular funds and direct funds, it is only the commission they get, beyond that nothing else. If your question is whether regular mutual funds are safer compared to direct funds, answer is NO. Both are same.

  3. I think the major disadvantage of investing in MF through demat account/broker is the transaction/brokerage charges which one has to pay on every transaction and that’s a big money. Apart from that, there is yearly AMC charges also (which though if you are already having a demat account with other equity/bonds holding, then, you are already paying AMC charges and there are no incremental charges for this).
    It is always better to go through different AMC sites and make transactions from the AMC site only. It is completely hassle free and completely safe and without any charges also.
    One should not have more than 5-6 schemes spread over 2-3 AMCs and that’s not a big hassle and cumbersome to keep track and monitor directly from the AMC site. Otherwise one can invest through Mycams/Karvy (this option is always better) or any aggregator.

  4. Investors can register in “MF Utilities” for single platform to transact in any MF under a single folio number.

    There is another good platform “MF Central” where investors can can view all their holdings i.e. in Demat or non-demat form.

    1. There is no difference. However in Mycams, you can buy only mutual fund schemes that are registered with them. In Groww, you can buy any mutual fund whether it is registered with MyCams or K-Fintech

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