11 ways to reduce your electric bills / energy bills

Money Saving ideas 11 ways to reduce electric bill energy bill

11 ways to reduce your electric bills / energy bills

There are various ways on how you can reduce electric bills / energy costs.

  1. Do you know that you can save power on A/c consumption by reducing 1 degree temperature of what you are using now? One degree temperature does not matter for us you  as it would not make any much difference
  2. Do you know that when you use water heater the maximum level to have is 60 degrees. Beyond this, we any how add cool water. Why not make a discipline of heating the water up to a level where we mix less cool water
  3. Do you know that taking shorter showers (when you use hot water) would save lot of money?
  4. Have you tried using washing machine to its optimum level? Wash clothes two times a week with full load instead of washing clothes all the days in a week with half empty. Another tip is to hang the clothes to dry instead of using dryer in washing machines
  5. Do you know that keeping the refrigerator full would save energy? Half filled refrigerator would consume more energy than the fully loaded one.
  6. Have you ever tried using “Use it when you need” concept. We would waste energy by not unplugging the switches which are not in use
  7. When entire family is at home, have you tried using a common hall instead of using multiple rooms for each member? Especially Kids occupy a different room and use the television, Fans, A/c, computer etc. Engaging them in the common room with the parents would save lot of energy along with the attention to what they are doing.
  8. Have you tried using energy saving appliances? The more stars you have on appliances, the more energy you would save
  9. Do you have ceiling fans at home along with A/c ? Try using ceiling fans when the weather is normal. It consumes less energy.
  10. In summer when there is heavy heat, have you tried using “cool coating” on the roof of your building. This keeps the building cool and saves energy
  11. Have you tried installing a "all-in-one" switch-off button at the main door which controls the entire building energy ? Even when you are leaving in a hurry, you need not worry about switching off all the electric buttons individually by installing this. You can seperate the "24-hour to be continued" plugs seperately from this.

Conclusion: Adopting such tips for electric / energy bill would not only lower your electric / energy bills, but also helps in optimally using the natural resources. These should be adopted like a habit. Just try these energy saving tips and you should save 30% to 50% of your regular electric bill.

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Suresh KP


  1. great tip from you suresh..

    few tips from my side.

    1) using the geyser to heat the water preferably during the day rather at nite.( at nites water will be very cool)

    2) try to reduce opening the fridge often, take all the vegtables in one go. opening and closing the door consumes lots of wastage

    3) try to switch off the tv at the power socket rather than only at remote( all devices the same)

    4)Use LED and CFL rather than bulbs.

    5) if you have a inverter at home keep it in the visible area so you are aware that inverter is using from mains or from battery. so that you make sure you dont use power from inverter when there is power on the other phase.( you can switch phases)

    6)try to use the AC in auto mode than cool mode. or use the eco mode. try avoid using the turbo mode.

    7)do not boil the milk packet directly from the fridge instead bring it to room temperature and boil it.

    8)check for the tap leakages often, install a auto off mechanism for the motors so it shuts off when the water tank is full.


  2. By far the most practical and effective way to save on energy bills in to properly insulate your home. That goes for warm/hot countries too, where good insulation keeps the outside heat out. Keeping a home as passive as possible by insulating the roof and external walls, and windows is the best way to save on energy bills.

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