Make money online – Get paid from surveys – Earn upto $1,000 per month

get paid for surveys 

Making money online – Get paid from surveys

Do you want make money online by spending few hours as week in front of your computer?  Then one of the options for making money online is “get paid for surveys”

What is getting paid from surveys all about?

There are several companies who are spending billions of dollars in doing market research projects. They want to know the customer pulse, opinions and the trends in the industry to grow their business. However getting relevant information across different age groups is different. Hence companies engage the survey companies who are expertise in doing the surveys and pay $ 0.05 to $ 50 per survey. Typically a person who is participating in such getting paid from surveys would not invest anything. This is a zero investment option to earn money.

What are surveys details to be filled in?

A company may want to do an age group wise analysis (say 18 years to 30 years; 31 to 50 years and so on) about the food habits. This would get insight to those companies about the new food products to be introduced by them in the near future. Hence a questionnaire is suggested through the paid survey companies. Similar way there are several companies who want to do research from the customers about various facts, starting from food habits, education, average spending, most invested security options etc.,

How to start paid surveys:

One has to register with these paid survey companies, and you need to answer simple questions. Once you register with such companies, your mail box would get details of surveys which you need answer. For some of the companies, you need to login to their website and you would see such survey offers. There surveys would be typically daily surveys and weekly surveys.

Benefits of getting paid doing surveys

  1. Once you register and start doing the surveys available to you, the money would be credited to your paid survey account. This amount can be withdrawn after a threshold limit which ranges from $ 1 to $ 20. Choose a survey which shows “free offers” so that you would not pay any money for doing such survey.
  2. You can earn money by referring your friends to this paid survey program. Once your referral (the person whom you have referred) starts doing the paid surveys and starts earning money, you would automatically start getting the commissions which range from 10% to 25% of what they are earning.



    • For e.g. if you have referred a friend and he has earned $ 20 in a week and assuming that you are entitled for 20% commission, then you would earn $ 20 x 20% = $ 4. Just think that if you refer 50 such referrals than you would make $ 4 x 50 = $ 200 per week.
  3. There are paid survey companies which are offering 2nd level referrals commission up to 10% i.e. the person whom your referral refers. Just assume that you referred 10 people and these 10 people referred 5 people each. E.g.



    • If you have referred 10 people and they make $ 20 each in a week. You would earn commission of 20$ i.e. $ 20 x 10 x 20% = $ 40
    • If your second referrals make $ 20 in a week and assuming that 2nd referrals are 50 (10 people referred 5 each). You would earn commission of  $100 i.e. $ 20 x 50 x 10% = $ 100
    • Your total earnings is $ 40 + $ 100 = $ 140 per week.


  1. Majority of the paid survey companies are offering high paid surveys to US customers ($ 1 to $ 8). However for non-US customers, the survey amount is low which ranges from $ 0.05 to $ 5. Lot of effort needs to be putting by Non-US customers to earn a few dollars.
  2. In case you have not registering with a good paid survey company, you end up spending time without making money through online
  3. There are some companies which ask for credit card details and charge for the survey. Instead of earning money, you may lose the money in such cases. You need to be cautious about those companies. Do not ever give any credit card details.

Top paid survey companies:

There are various top companies which are offering paid surveys. They are (Click to register), (Click to register), etc. This is one of the good get paid for surveys company.

  1. It offers $ 1 as joining bonus. The survey payment ranges from $ 0.05 to $ 8
  2. It provides 1st level referral commission of 20% for amounts earned by the referrals. If you have referred 50 people from US to join cash crate, the commission would be 25% of what they earn
  3. It provides 2nd level referral commission of 10% for amounts earned by the them Another top survey company is surveysavvy. This also provides referral commission. However the commission ranges depending upon the referrals under different groups.

Conclusion: Get paid from surveys is possible provided you understand how it works. Registering with good paid survey companies, which offers high paid survey amount and highest commissions for referrals is a key for success for making money online. You also need to be patient as survey requests would not come every day or every week. There are people who are making $ 1,000+ per month through get paid for surveys.

Readers, are you aware of such get paid for surveys? If so, what is your experience about this method of making money online? Please give your comments

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Wish you a success in “get paid from surveys”


Suresh KP


  1. Dear Suresh,

    Do you know any sites regarding working from home online[typing work] without intial payment….I enquired some but they are asking for an intial payment of 10k to 60k….can you please help me regarding this……….

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Hi Anuradha, I tried few of them. I had similar experience. These all are fraud companies. They would take your money and would provide some email ID’s and close chapter. Never ever go for such things. If you are good in communication, start writing a blog about your area of interest. In 6 months, you can start earning money by spending few hours. 

  2. If you are based in India, you will never earn big by taking surveys. If you are based in USA,UK,Aus then only it makes sense to join a survey program. 

  3. Very useful for knowledge. Thank you 

    My opinion is, in India Market research is still in nascent stages and companies willingness to spend (budget allocationss) on Market research is very little. But with FDI in Ratail, might throw some of the interesting developments in Market research. Developed nations Retail industry decisions are mostly based on market research.

    People with time and interest can look forward for paid surveys..

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