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Money Saving Ideas (Coupons) – Discounts on products and services in Hyderabad (India) free of cost team has visited our company to promote their services. Generally I would not show interest in such promotional websites. They gave a small piece of paper which had information about their website and discounts. Somehow it caught my attention and I thought I should do some research on that.

What is all about?

Magic Mart is an online shopping mall where shopping can be done online but items can be collected or delivered from your nearest and favorite stores or establishments. With Magic Mart, you know where you are getting the items from and hence it is as good as you walking into the store and buying them. At Magic Mart, they would keep providing very effective coupons and you pay NOTHING for the same. All you need to do is, simply download them and use them

This facility is currently available in Hyderabad (India) only.

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How to register?

  • Visit
  • Magic Mart home page will have all the companies’ names that we provide offers to.
  • Individual will register with his/her corporate Email ID by clicking on relevant company name / logo. However one can use their personal email ID to register. I do not know how they would verify whether a person belongs to that company or not if an individual provide personal email ID.
  • After the registration, an email will be sent to the registered email id with an activation link.
  • Individual will click on the activation link which automatically activates the Login ID registered.
  • Individual can log in with the Login ID and shop online

How to avail the services?

Once you have registered, you need to check for the available services or products. The list of products or services would be populated based on the company you are working for. You need to select the service and click submit button. The coupon would get generated with the discount % indicated. You can send this coupon to your email or mobile through SMS. The good part is you can avail SMS facility and the coupon would be sent to your mobile. The SMS would contain Ref no., your name, where you are working for and the discount%.

E.g. if the intended person name is “Suresh KP” and working for TCS and want to avail a restaurant Swagath Restaurant, SMS would show as “Ref: 00000001, Suresh KP (TCS), Swagath Restaurant, 15% discount on Dinner buffet at Kondapur, show this SMS to ENJOY OFFER. More info on, call xyz number, offer end date: 31-05-2013”.

What are the charges?

As of now this is a free website. You need not pay single rupee to avail this service.

What is the difference between existing websites like snapdeal etc., vs

There are two main differences I noticed for this website comparing to snapdeal or any other promotional or websites.

1)   Service for a small charge: You need to pay a small amount of < Rs 100 to avail the discount or coupon for the products/services. Means if you want to avail a lunch facility at discounted price, you need to pay Rs < 100 and avail 5% or 10% discounted price. However, in, you need not pay single rupee to them.

2)   Service by paying discounted price upfront: In other promotional websites, you need to pay full discounted amount (say 15% discount, you need to pay 85% of value online through website) and carry the printout and show at the store or restaurant where you want to buy the product or service. In, you need not pay any amount. The amount needs to be paid directly at the store or restaurant where you are buying the product or availing a service.

Is it a scam?

Since they are not collecting a single rupee from the registered users, I feel there is no scam.

What does an individual would lose in this process?

I do not have any idea on how this company would get money. It could be a deal or agreement with the shop owners or restaurant owners to get a specific amount or percentage from them on the offers being availed through their website. Since they are not collecting any amount from an individual, I was wondering whether an individual would lose anything in this process. An email or a mobile number is being registered with the site and nothing else. There is a chance that they can use these details for promotional purpose. Beyond that I could not see any other negative impact.

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Does an individual really benefit from such offers or discounts?

I went and registered for Swagath restaurant to avail the discount. The message shows 15% discount offer to avail before 31-05-2013. As an individual, I would be really benefitted, if I just need to spend 2 minutes time on computer by logging in and clicking on the service. I am yet to go to restaurant and avail the service.

Conclusion: 111+ large company employees can participate in this program and benefit through discounts that too, free of cost. We can save money upto 10% or 15% discounts by spending few minutes by logging into their website. 

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