Latest recurring deposit interest rates in India – Aug-2013

Latest recurring deposit interest rates in India – Aug-13Latest recurring deposit interest rates in India – Aug-2013

Latest Recurring deposit rates indicate that in the last one month, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Yes Bank, Bank of Baroda and Karnataka Bank have increased recurring deposit rates for some of the tenures.

Investment in recurring deposits in India is continued to be one of the best choice for several investors. Banks are betting good business from recurring deposits.

We are publishing the latest major banks recurring deposits interest rates month on month as part of creating awareness among investors to choose the best RD account instead of compromising and depositing with their current bank.

Latest recurring deposit interest rates in India

Latest recurring deposit interest rates in India – Aug-2013

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Latest recurring deposit interest rates in India

Suresh KP


  • shiva

    Hello suresh
    I have opened a variable rd account in andhra bank. They are offering 9.5% .how variable rd account works…is there any difference between simple & variable rd

    • Hi Shiva, Interest rate no difference. However these are unique schemes. In Variable recurring deposit, while there is min amount, you can deposit any amount beyond this. e.g. the min amount choosen can be Rs 1,000. Every month yo unee to pay this. However if you have some bonus of Rs 20,000, instead of opening a new FD, you can deposit this in variable recurring deposit and you can still enjoy 9.5% interest. You have taken when interest rates rates are good. In future if interest rates are reducing, if you deposit such extra money, you would still enjoy high interest. Keep investing in such unique schemes to get high interest.

  • raj

    Sir pls update sep 13 rd rates for all banks…..

  • prabha

    The above mentioned rates are for a common person or senior citizen?

  • Hiren

    Dear Suresh

    Thank you for all info you give us on this website. I was in india and talked with couple of managers of banks such as SBI, Dena bank and Unoion bank.

    They told me that RD are not subjected to any taxes irrespective of the amount deposited monthly? Isn't that wonderful? On the other had I wonder if there are some hidden taxes?


    Can you please share your views on it.

    Regards, Hiren

    • Hiren, That’s not right. Recurring deposit interest is taxable. ICICI, Citi bank, Indian bank and several others are deducting the TDS part also.

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