Latest interest rates on company FD (Fixed deposits)-Jan-2013

Latest interest rates on company FD (Fixed deposits)-Jan-2013, Latest interest rates on company fixed deposits-Jan-2013

Latest interest rates on company FD (Fixed deposits)-Jan-2013

Among the fixed income investment options, company fixed deposit deposit schemes provide higher interest rates comparing to bank fixed deposits schemes. Bank fixed deposits are offering interest rates upto 9% p.a. However if we see latest interest rates on company FD’s, the interest rates are from 8.50% to 12.50% p.a.

There are several companies which are offering company fixed deposit schemes for 1 year to 5 years period. You can refer our article on how to invest and benefit from company deposits. The interest rate varies from company to company. Investors believe that the higher the interest rates for company fixed deposits the greater the risk in investing such fixed deposits. Since companies may not gain confidence among investors over a period of time and offer highest interest rates to attract fixed deposits.

Hence, one need to be little cautious before investing in such company fixed deposits which are offering highest interest rates.

Below are the latest interest rates on company FD (fixed deposits) as on 10-Jan-2013. We have given only major companies information and ignored smaller companies.

Latest interest rates on company FD (Fixed deposits)-Jan-2013

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Topic: Latest interest rates on company FD (Fixed deposits)-Jan-2013

Suresh KP


  1. Hi Suresh how about DHFL?? i am thinking to invest about 35L on corporate FDs or any other source that can give me around 12% return on 14 months span of time. what do u suggest?

    thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Suneet, 1) DHFL interest rates ar 10.50% to 10.75% and credit rating of Crisil: AA+ which indicates high degree of safety for financial obligations. 2) What is the total portfolio amount you are talking about for Rs 35L. If you say investments in company deposits are more than 20% of your portfolio, then you are under risk. Try to diversify your portfolio into various investment options. Do not put all your money in one basket. Refer my article on this subject.

      1. hi suresh,i had invested in INDSWIFT LAB fd.received posd dated chqs of principle & interest amt. on maturity i deposited in bank. the chq of principle amt returned because of insufficient funds. what should i do?

        1. Hi Pankaj, You can report the grivance with ministry of corporate affairs at I would publish an article on how to do such complaint during next week so that it would be useful for investors like you who has not received company FD interest not received the capital back.

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