Latest interest rates on Bank FD in India – Jan-2013

Latest interest rates on Bank FD in India; Interest rates on FD

Latest interest rates on Bank FD in India – Jan-2013

Among the various fixed income options available for an investor the best and safe investment option is investment in Bank fixed deposits (FD) in India. Interest rates on bank FD’s are falling gradually month on month. One of my readers commented saying I only provide top fixed deposit rates and it is becoming difficult for him. The fact was, he was holding bank accounts in 3 banks, but they were not in the top banks which are offering highest deposit rates and they are not covered in my investment ideas articles. Due to this he is not able to make out what interest rates his banks are offering through my articles. From this month we would provide major list of banks with latest interest rates on FD as a separately article at beginning of the month. Thought interest rates on FD are falling, you can still become millionaire / crorepathi with discipline investments.

Complete list of interest rates on bank FD in India.

Latest interest rates on Bank FD in India–Jan-2013; Interest rates on FD

Conclusion: Investment in FD has been providing good returns who are looking for steady fixed income with less risk.

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Topic: Latest interest rates on Bank FD in India

Suresh KP


  1. I want to invest for my child for atleast 15-18yrs. His age is 5yrs now. Whay will be beat ibvestment option to fulfill education expenses at that time. I ca invest 5000 per month and what would be the outcome.

    1. Sujit, You can multiple options. Invest in bank RD account or invest in diversified mutual funds like ICICI Pru focussed blue chp fund or FT Templeton India blue chip fund etc. If you do not want to take any risk at all just invest in post office term deposit.

  2. Hi Suresh,

    Regional Rural Banks (or) Grameena Banks also offer good interest rates. Is it good to invest in them as they are sponsored both by central and state governments. for example : Chaitanya Godavari grameena bank




    1. Venkat, These are small banks.  After seeing some of the economic cycles, generally I prefer to invest in nationalised banks or large private banks. 

  3. is it not safe to invest in city union bank?why fd in small banks/private banks is risky.Are they not under RBI

    1. Hi Amit, Though all banks are under RBI regulation, smaller banks yet to gain depositors confidence and hence to attract the customers, they offer higher returns.

  4. Citi union bank is giving 10% for 1 yrs 4M & 15 days..this is the best option..also co-ooperative banks also giving 10.25% for serneior citizens…can you please suggest if i can invest in these banks…

    1. Narayana, I personally do not prefer to invest in co-operative banks or private banks which are small in size. Since there business is small and they are not reputed banks, they offer higher interest rates to attract customers. You can invest in them at risk.

      1. Dear,suresh

        My name is faizy ,am living at BAHRAIN,I want to ask you an opinion.In bahrain i got a chance to invest some funds in one small fitness centre business,if i invest 185000/ irs

        i will get every month 5500/irs hows it ? the amount of 185000 is one share value ,what precautions i want to take on this investments ,please give some good suggesions


        1. Hi Faisal, I track Indian financial market and do not have knowledge about Bahrian. Unable to comment whether the returns what you are getting are high or low. Regd precautions, I hope you would have made necessary legal documentation before investing in such fitness centre. You should check when is the maturity date and whether you have received any post dated cheques. These can be used in future for legal purpose in case of any issue.

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