Latest HDFC Bank interest rates-Review

Latest HDFC Bank interest rates-Feb-13

Latest HDFC Bank interest rates-Review

The interest rates on fixed deposits have been stabilized for some time now. The interest rates are varying from bank to banks. While small banks are providing higher interest rates, the question is whether we should invest them and take high risk? I was enquiring about some of the Top private banks interest rates and here are some of the insights about latest HDFC Bank interest rates.

Latest interest rates of HDFC Bank

HDFC is the second largest private bank in India. Latest interest rates of HDFC Bank are enclosed below.

Latest HDFC Bank Interest Rates-Feb-13-Review

Some of the highlights and observations on HDFC Bank rates.

  1. The interest rates are good for a 3 year period. Beyond this the rates are low. If you look for investing in HDFC Bank deposits, invest for a time period of 3 years.
  2. Systematic investment plan is a special scheme by HDFC Bank which is like any other recurring deposit, but interest rate fluctuates time to time based on bank’s decision. In future, if the interest rates go down, your deposit rates also go down which is a negative point.
  3. If you are looking for specific period of deposits like 1.5 years or 2.5 years, invest in 15 months or 33 months HDFC special schemes where the interest rates are 9.4% p.a. which are good.
  4. There is special deposit scheme for Senior Citizens – Platinum Senior deposit plan where they can deposit for 20 months or 40 months and interest rates are 9.8% p.a. which are good.

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Latest HDFC Bank interest rates-Review

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