Latest Bank Interest FD rates in India (Jun-2013)

Latest Bank Interest FD rates in India (Jun-2013)Latest Bank Interest FD rates in India (Jun-2013) is the only website in India, which tracks FD rates month on month and provides whether a particular bank has increased the FD rates or slashed the FD rates. This is a unique feature provided by our website apart from providing regular FD rates.

During May-13/Jun-13, some of the foreign banks have reduced their bank FD rates. Allahabad Bank has made some small changes in the bank FD rates. Bank of Baroda has slashed the rates for all FD rates starting for 1 year to 5 year period.

Among the various fixed income options available for an investor the best and safe investment option is investment in Bank fixed deposits (FD) in India.

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Comparison of latest bank FD interest rates among various banks in India.

The comparison list would help investors to choose the right bank for fixed deposits. Green indicates that the rates have been increased compared to our previous month article and RED indicates that the rates are reduced comparing to our previous month article. 

Latest Bank Interest FD rates in India (Jun-2013)-Chart

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Latest Bank Interest FD rates in India

Suresh KP


  1. NSEL giving opportunity risk free arbitrage it will get better than bank FD rate's and less investment period.



      1. NSEL (nation spot exchange ltd.,) giving risk free arbitrage min investment 5L , investment period 35 to 50 days only , 12 to 14% PA

        1. Sathish, I don’t think NSEL is giving such product. Can you please send NSEL link which says this. Brokers indicate this, but not NSEL, please revert. 

  2. I want to invest some amount in Term deposit after maturity period of x days can i reinvest same amount again and again in term deposit plan? Please help me for this problem

    1. Sachin, Currently, this option is very much available. e.g. I deposit in ICICI Bank with say 1 year deposit and put the option as “Auto renewal”. Means at maturity, it would automatically renew my FD with principal + interest. I deposited Rs 30,000 some 400+ days back. I got Rs 33,000 last month and this was automatically re-invested with Rs 33,000 as principal Please let me kow in case you have any further questions on this

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