10 Latest and Trending Manufacturing Businesses in India

Latest-and-Trending-Manufacturing-Businesses-in-IndiaLatest and Trending Manufacturing Businesses in India

With increasing globalization and corporate culture there is no doubt that the service industry is in a boom. There are many manufacturing businesses that are trending now with “make in India” concept. If you are aspiring to become an entrepreneur and willing to put your best, you can start a good trending manufacturing business idea that is suitable to you. I would like to share a few brilliant ideas in the manufacturing industry, which are showing tremendous growth prospects. Which are the latest manufacturing businesses in India? Which are the trending manufacturing business Ideas in India?

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How to start a manufacturing business in India?

You can follow some simple steps to start a manufacturing business in India. This short video would help you to go through it quickly.

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10 Latest and Trending Manufacturing Businesses in India

Here is the list of some of the trending and latest manufacturing business ideas in India.

#1 – Organic Farming is the Trending Manufacturing Business Idea

With increasing importance being paid to health, people have been shifting to the organic produce for daily consumption. Ranging from fruits and vegetable to pulses, there are organic variants, which are more expensive to produce but are also sold at higher rates. If you have land or can take it on lease at a nominal price and the other natural sources like sunlight, water, soil fertility, etc. are feasible for organic products; it is a brilliant idea to start manufacturing them.

#2 – Milk Products – Ever green trending business idea

New brands of milk and milk products have been located in the market, which are doing really well. There are a number of options to use the excess and unsold milk by converting them into milk products like Ghee, Cottage cheese, cheese etc. Another option is to produce protein rich products from milk extracted from soya. This industry is trending new heights and is a good venture to invest in.

#3 – Frozen Foods – High profit trending business idea

As people are getting busier with work, the trend of buying frozen food has also been increasing. However, utmost care should be taken about the quality, packaging as well as transportation to avoid any damage to the quality of the products. These businesses yield high margins and also have quantity sales if they are set up well. The place should be reachable to the common public.

#4 – Niche Snacks making – Business idea that never goes down

Snack making has always been a high profit margin business. However, the market penetration requires marketing costs, which is almost unavoidable. So if you have the required capital, explore the snack market and create unique products. New flavors, healthy snacks, low calorie snacks, no carb snacks etc. are the nutritious version of new snack business, which has a lot of scope in this health conscious era.

#5 – Wall paper printing and manufacturing – Emerging business idea

If you have a creative mind, do not let your creativity stay unexplored. Wallpaper manufacturing and printing is another interesting domain which is not well explored by many. Wallpapers are being used in abundance to create a new zeal to the interiors. It does not have an extremely high cost, thus people do change it rapidly thus creating a larger market. This is one of the good trending manufacturing businesses in India now.

#6 – Toys Manufacturing – Very high profits trending business idea

Any industry that caters to the children is always a good business if the products are unique. Although the gadgets have taken over the childhood to a good extent, the toy industry has not yet been affected much. As growing age requires new toys, the durable cost-effective toys are a brilliant industry to enter. China is a leader in the toy industry. You can take ideas and create your own unique versions of the same in an efficient manner.

#7 – Bakery Items preparing – Yummy Yummy manufacturing business idea

If we look at the food manufacturing industry, bakery is a great business idea. Bakery products ranging from breads to biscuits and cakes to desserts are a daily consumable market and have a lot of scope for potential market penetration. Although there might be a number of bakeries, but there is always scope for more in this perfectly competitive market. This business requires low capital commitments and has a superb market.

#8 – Manufacturing of beautiful carpets – I bet people are buying them and it is trending manufacturing business idea

Traditions never go out of fashion. Carpets might have taken the name of rugs now, but the concept of completing the interiors does require them. The trend for having traditional as well as the modern carpets is increasing, thereby creating a brilliant industry to enter. If you have limited capital, rather then creating your own big brand get in touch with other manufacturers and create your own job work unit.

#9 – Biodiesel Production – Latest and Trending manufacturing business idea

Biodiesel production is a small-scale industry and the major raw material main raw material Jatropha oil is easily available. As people are shifting to renewable sources of energy due to reduced renewable sources, biodiesel production is one of the future needs. As the name suggests bio means attained from plants and animals. This has an increased use in the future and requires average capital to start the business.

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#10 – Cashew Processing – Trending manufacturing business idea

People are becoming more health cautious and are shifting towards healthy variants of snacks like dry fruits. India is an agricultural country and cashew nuts grow in abundance. Indian cashews are also well known across boundaries. Cashew nut processing which includes removing the cover as well as making it more sale-able by making it salted or adding different spices.

Conclusion: These ideas require medium to high capital commitments, but are well growing industries. Explore your potentials, research the market, create your network and start making the most out of it.

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10 Latest and Trending Manufacturing Businesses in India

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