IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card with Touch Buttons – Should you opt?

IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card with Touch Buttons ReviewIndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card with Touch Buttons – Should you opt?

In today’s digital world, anything crazy can happen. Can anybody think of interactive credit card with touch buttons? It is truth. IndusInd Bank has launched a revolutionary credit card named as Nexxt Credit Card which has a unique feature of interactive buttons. IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card comes with contact less feature and several other features. What are the features of IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card with Touch Buttons?  How IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card is different from other credit cards? Should you opt for IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card?

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Overview of IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit card

After commencing its operation in the year 1994, IndusInd Bank has always been a favorite choice for both individual and corporate consumers. It now possesses hundreds of branches through the length and breadth of the country along with its representative offices in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha too. The bank has always believed in innovation and the latest technology. In this drive, it introduced interactive credit cards – IndusInd Bank Nexxt credit Card in the month November, 2018. The card gives multiple options to the customers on how making a payment using his/her credit card. It incorporates technology, which is revolutionary in its own kind. It provides exceptional consumer functionality along with value for money.

The card has been created with the partnership of Dynamic Inc, a company headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, and expertise in designing and manufacturing of intelligent, battery powered payment cards.

Porush Singh, Division President, South Asia, Master Card stated, “ we are glad to partner with IndusInd Bank to introduce the Nexxt Credit Card, with built-in dynamic features. Through this card, they can shop, take credit, also use reward points at a merchant terminal, making the most innovative product till date”.

Features of IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card

The Nexxt Credit Card has some unique features and facilities which have listed below-

The customer need not fill any paper work, or call their bank, or log into any banking website to convert their POS (point of sale) transactions into EMI or to redeem their reward points.

It provides customers with the three payment options at a POS (Point of Sale) terminal- credit, converting transactions into EMI (with 4 tenure options-6,12,18, or 24 months) or using accumulated reward points by simply pushing a button on the card.

The Total Protect feature of your Nexxt Credit Card covers you for a sum up to the credit limit on your card against fraudulent usage.

If you pay with your Nexxt credit card, you will be awarded 1 Reward Point for every Rs. 150 spent. These reward points can be used to make the payment for your purchases.

You can even convert these reward pints into airline miles where 1 Reward point is equal to 1 mile.

With every movie ticket you buy on, you get a free movie ticket.

With this card, you get a personal Air Accident Insurance of up to Rs. 25 lakh.

The waiver of 1% fuel surcharge is received across all fuel stations in India (applicable on transactions between Rs. 400 to Rs. 4,000).

The card provides you with a complimentary pass priority membership with access to over 700 lounges around the world.

The card holders can avail a range of exclusive offers for reservations, flight booking, exclusive event booking, personal flowers and gifting services, talks by eminent personalities etc.

The card holders can get Nexxt Auto Assist 24 hours a day all through the year for many assistance services while travelling like roadside repairs, flat tyre services, battery replacements, emergency towing etc.

How IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card is different from other credit cards?

The Nexxt Credit Card of IndusInd Bank is the first interactive credit card of India. The card has three buttons on its face, which helps you to decide the mode of payment for a particular transaction at the POS itself. You can choose to pay by EMI (of 6, 12, 18, or 24 months) or credit or use your reward points just by pushing the buttons. There are no hassles, or paperwork involved or logging into any website to avail these options. This is the facility which no other credit card providers. In addition, there are a number of other facilities that come attached with this card like offers on entertainment, access to lounges, fuel surcharge waiver etc. 

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Should you opt for IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card?

In today’s tech-advanced world, where every single facility is available on pressing of buttons, why not facility on payments through credit card too.  When we shop from our credit card, many reward points get accumulated but in case of non-usage within time, they get wasted. Through this credit card, we can use those points instantly at the point of transaction which creates more value for money. Moreover, if buying something pricey, the card provides with the facility of the option of EMIs instantly. One can read all other terms and conditions and if you feel fit for you, you can opt for it.

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IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card with Touch Buttons Review

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