India Post Office Mobile Banking App – Features and Activation

India Post Office Mobile Banking App – Features and BenefitsIndia Post Office Mobile Banking App – Features, Benefits and how to activate

Few days back, India Post has launched Post Office Mobile Banking App.  Many feel that this is long awaited one. India Post Mobile Banking App has several features where you can have all your post office transactions at one place from your mobile. You can view your PPF, NSC and other post office small saving scheme details at one place on mobile. What are the features of India Post Mobile Banking App? How to activate and use India Post Office Mobile Banking App? We would also provide some of the frequently asked questions about this mobile App.

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About India Post Office / Department of Post (DoP)

I don’t think there is any one who is not aware about the post office. While post office started initially to deliver posts/letters, even in small villages and remote areas, it expanded its footprint and offer financial services including small saving schemes. Many of us has been investing in Public Provident Fund or National Saving Certificates for tax saving purpose through the post office. However, visiting the post office and doing these transactions was one of the major limitation for such small saving schemes. Last year, post office started internet banking service which was a major shift.

Features of India Post Mobile Banking App

Post office has now launched new mobile banking App and here are the features.

1) This new mobile banking App is available for all Post Office Savings account holders.

2) You can download Post Office Mobile Banking App from google store and activate to use the features. IOS version is currently not available.

3) You can view the dashboard that contains several features like accounts, transactions, payments, cheques and requests.

4) You can check all your accounts like Savings Account, Public Provident Fund, Term Deposits etc., under Accounts section.

4) You can transfer funds to another Post office savings account through this mobile App.

5) You can register a biller and make bill payments.

6) You can view a mini statement of all your accounts.

7) You can put a cheque book request through this Post Office mobile banking App.

8) You can put a request for STOP payment of cheque on this mobile App.

9) You can open Post Office Term Deposit or PPF account online through this App.

How to Activate Post Office Mobile Banking?

Here is the step-by-step process to activate and use this Post office App. You need to have Post Office Savings Account to start this process.

1) You need to give a request (form) at the post office to activate mobile banking for your savings account. This should take 1 day time to activate this. If your KYC is old, they would ask for updated KYC documents. Hence, you can carry latest KYC documents when you visit them to put the request for mobile banking activation.

2) Download the Post Office Mobile Banking App from google store hereJust check this App is from google store and don’t install from other websites.

3) Open Mobile App and click on the Mobile Banking Activation button. You need to enter details along with mobile number and a request for OTP.

4) You would receive OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP on mobile App and validation process would be completed.

5) Now your mobile App would ask to set 4 Digit MPIN. This is nothing but your Mobile App password. You can enter 4 digits and register the same.

Now the process is complete and you would be able to see all the features of Post Office Mobile Banking App.

Here are some screenshots

1) Login Page

India Post Office Mobile Banking App - Login screen

2) View your accounts

India Post Office Mobile Banking App – Accounts screen

3) View your Savings account transactions

India Post Office Mobile Banking App - Savings account sample

FAQs about Post Office Mobile Banking App

1) What is the difference between Post Office Payments Bank App V Post Office Mobile Banking App?

One needs to understand that both are different. Post Office Payments Bank was launched last year post approval from RBI. In simple terms, Payments bank have limited operations. Some of the payments banks are even shutting down. On other hand Post Office Mobile Banking App is a mobile App which offers investment services of your Post Office Savings Account. In simple terms, this is like your banking mobile app which you might have for SBI or ICICI or HDFC etc.,

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2) I have invested in PPF, NSC, Term Deposits, can I use Post Office Mobile Banking App?

This Post office App is only for post office savings account holders. If you have the savings account and invested in other small saving schemes like PPF, Term Deposits or NSC, etc., you can view all your data in one place. If you do not have a savings account with the post office, you cannot use Post Office Mobile Banking App features even if you have invested in small saving schemes.

3) How long does it take to Post office to activate mobile feature for me?

Once you give post office mobile banking application form to the Post office to activate mobile activation feature, it would take 1 working day. In some cases it can go beyond this.

4) What is MPIN?

Once you activate the Post Office Savings App, it would ask you to register with 4 digits MPIN (mobile pin). This is like your mobile password to enter into this mobile app. You can enter 4 digits and later on change if required. This 4 digit is required for you to login to your mobile app to view the features of this mobile app

5) How to open a PPF account or Recurring Deposit account on this Mobile Banking App of India Post?

Once you activate your mobile app and login, you can go to “Accounts” and click on the respective section like “PPF Accounts” or “Recurring Deposit Accounts” and click on plus symbol and create new accounts under this.

6) Can I transfer money from the Post office Savings Account to other accounts?

You can transfer money from your post office savings account to another post office user account. You need to visit “Transfer” section of the mobile app for this. Looks the feature of transferring to non post office accounts would be added soon.

7) I am not able to see my investments in this mobile App?

If you have Post office savings account and have invested in PPF or term deposit or NSC and not able to see them, these accounts are not linked to your account. You need to contact Post office and link all these accounts to view on the mobile App.

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7) Can I close Term deposits on Post Office Mobile Banking App?

If the term deposit is linked to your savings account, you can visit account section and go to Term deposits and close the term deposit by the click of a button.

8) I have Iphone only, how to use Mobile Banking feature of Post Office?

Currently post office has come up only with Android version of their mobile app. IOS version is not yet released.

9) I am a new customer and want to open Post Office Savings Account, can I do it with India Post Mobile App?

The India post mobile app is for savings account holders only. If you are a new customer, first visit post office and open savings account and register for mobile banking facility for you to use the features.

10) I am not able to activate app on my mobile, what should I do?

You may contact at Customer Care Support for any queries, Post Office Customer care – 1800 425 2440.

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Suresh KP

India Post Office Mobile Banking App – Features and Benefits

Suresh KP

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  1. Highly informative. Recently I opened IPPB account. Great and secured app. Can be more user friendly. We can transfer from our bank account to IPPB and then to Postal SB AC hassle free. One disadvantage to open new TD need to go in person and some paperwork involved. Cannot open deposit through net banking as like banks.

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