How to update EPFO KYC Details on UAN Portal Online?

How to update EPFO KYC Details on UAN Portal Online?

If you are salaried employee, you might be wondering about EPF being credited by your employer in your EPF account. If you are changing your job, you may need to withdraw or transfer the amount. In such case updating KYC in EPFO portal Online would help. There are several other benefits available by updating KYC against your Universal Account Number (UAN) online. How to update EPFO KYC in UAN Portal Online? What are the documents required to do EPFO KYC update in UAN Portal? This article would provide some of these details.

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Benefits of updating KYC Details in UAN EPFO Portal

You need to have a Universal Account Number (UAN) to update KYC in UAN portal online. Here are the key benefits if you update it:

1) EPF members can withdraw money without attestation with their employers.

2) EPF subscribers can transfer funds without the attestation of their previous or current employer.

3) Currently we are seeing that several companies are delaying crediting EPF amount. The EPF member would get monthly alerts about their EPF credits made by their employers if KYC is updated. This way the employee is sure that his EPF amount is credited on time, else he can question the employer.

4) EPF members would get SMS alerts for any withdrawals made. This way you are sure that your money is not withdrawn by someone else.

5) EPF subscribers can merge multiple PF accounts (if any).

What are the documents required to do EPFO KYC update in UAN Portal Online?

Here the eligible documents that are required to update your KYC in EPF portal.

1) Aadhaar Card

2) Permanent Account Number (PAN Card)

3) Bank account Number

4) Passport

5) Driving License

6) Election Voter Card

7) Ration Card

How to get login details for the UAN EPF Portal to do KYC?

If you already have login details, you can skip to the next section. You need to have login details to update KYC. If you don’t have it, you need to follow this:

1) Visit this UAN EPF Link.

2) Click on UAN Activation under important link at right hand bottom.

3) Enter all details like your city, state, Aadhaar number, PAN number, Date of Birth, Mobile number, etc., and click on “Generate Pin”.

4) You would get login credential details

Now you can login to UAN portal and update.

How to do EPFO KYC update in UAN EPFO Portal Online?

You need to keep some of the above documents ready along with UAN and login details before you start for KYC in UAN Portal Online.

Step-1: Login to EPF member portal

Step-2: Give your UAN number and Password.

login screen - How to update KYC details on UAN EPFO Portal Online

Step-3: Go to Manage (KYC tab)

Step-4: Select PAN number and update your PAN details

Step-5: Select Aadhaar option and update your details

Step-6: Select Bank Account and update your bank details

Now some of these details (like PAN) would go to employer for verification. Till such time it shows “Pending with Employer”.

The employer might take 3-5 working days to verify these details. Once these are approved it would show as “approved by employer”. Once they approve the EPFO KYC process is complete and you would get an SMS on your mobile about this change.

KYC Details in UAN EPFO Portal Online

How to delete KYC details on the UAN EPF portal without help from an employer?

It could happen that you entered incorrect KYC details for which want to correct them immediately.

1) Login to UAN Portal

2) Visit Manage KYC documents

3) View the document for which you fee the data is incorrect (e,g. Aadhaar Card). Next to that you would see “x” button. You can click on that and data would be erased. You can update the correct details now

4) The above is possible only when your employer has not approved the KYC details. Once he approved, you cannot modify the same.

Some of the FAQs about KYC Details updating in UAN EPF Portal

1) What happens if I don’t update KYC in EPFO Portal?

The process is NOT mandatory. However, by updating KYC, the data would be up to date. When you switch jobs or resign and start some business, this info would help in reducing the timeline for the transfer of EPF money or withdrawal of such EPF amount.

2) I have uploaded KYC documents in UAN EPF Portal, but these are not approved yet?

Generally the documents would be reviewed and approved in 3-5 working days. Please have patience till such time for EPFO KYC.

3) Do I need to visit every day to UAN Portal to view the status of documents?

Not required. Once the documents are reviewed and approved and EPFO KYC updated, you would get an SMS with the change. Typically this would happen in 3 working days.

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4) How do I upload KYC documents in UAN EPFO portal online?

You don’t need to upload KYC documents, you just need to specify the document number and the name as per the document. This process would ensure EPFO KYC updated.

5) What is the process to do EPF KYC update online mobile?

There is no seperate process to update online mobile for EPF KYC. The above process can be done even through mobile. But it would be little time consuming to navigate through proper links

6) How to update kyc in epfo if I am changing jobs?

If you are updating KYC in EPFO portal after your resignation and it has only short period of < 1 week, my advice is to wait, else it would stuck between old employer and new employer. If the period is more than 1 week, you can always update them as the process takes between 3-5 working days only.

7) Is there any EPFO KYC updation video that can quickly help?

There are several videos on this, but below is one video which can quickly help.

8) Where do my employer has to go and approve on EPFO Portal?

Like you as an employee has login ID and password, every employee would have their login details. They need to login to EPFO portal and approve them.

9) My account no is not yet verified, do i need to contact EPFO Office or employer

There are two parts. If you have registered for UAN, this would be approved by EPFO Office. If you are talking about EPFO KYC document verification, this would be done by your employer

10) I changed my mobile, how can i change my mobile number in UAN portal?

Yes, you can change mobile number on UAN portal. Pls click on this link and click forgot password. This would direct you to page where you need to enter UAN and captcha. The mobile number mapped to this would be shown. Click no to that and enter full name (as per your records in company), date of birth and gender. If the details are correct, you can enter new mobile number and click update. If you get details not matching, check with your employer about exact name as per EPFO records.

11) My bank account name is different from my actual records in Employer data, how can I do KYC verification?

The name as per your employer means all ceritificates are as per this name. Your employer would have opened bank account with the same name. You need to use that bank acccount. If not, verify with any other bank account which matches with the name indicated as per your company records / EPFO portal.

12) My employer is not approving EPFO KYC, to whom i need to complain?

If you are not getting enough support in getting EPFO KYC approval from your employer, my advice is to contact your HR first and then go and register complaint against your employer at this link.

13) If I have some query about UAN EPF portal updating in KYC, to whom should I contact?

You can contact EPFO Customer support at below details.

EPFO Helpdesk: 1800 118 005

EPFO UAN Helpdesk:

Technical Support:

Conclusion: If you are salaried employee, updating KYC at UAN Portal would provide several benefits. This would also be useful if you are switching jobs in regular intervals for better careers.

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How to update KYC Details on UAN EPFO Portal Online?

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