1. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the article on how to Pre-validate the bank account. My Query is… I being an NRI …I has given by NRO account number here but the mobile number linked for this bank account is my international number which runs to more than 10 digits including the ISD codes. But number of digits is limited to 10 for the mobile number updation field.
    Please advise

  2. Hi Suresh Ji,

    Thanks for the inputs.

    I have actually filed the returns again under 139(5) and enter the required details of challan and submitted.

    Thanks again for your help, we really owe you a lot for your timely support.


  3. Hi Suresh,

    Thanks for the information.

    I have the below query, can you please clarify?
    I have paid Tax by clicking on e-Tax button and it displayed a message “You will be redirected to the NSDL website to pay the e-Pay tax. Do you want to save your ITR data? After e-payment of Tax, the details of amount paid , Challan No, BSR Code, etc.. should be filled in Schedule IT of ITR before submission of the return to claim the challan”.

    I could not find the option of filling the Schedule IT of ITR with my challan no and BSR Code etc.. and I downloaded and submitted the returns with my prevalidated bank account. Can you please help how to find the schedule of IT and update it with my challan no and BSR code.

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hello Prashanth, After paying income tax through Challan 280 you need to show the tax paid in your ITR, If you have paid Self Assessment tax through Challan 280 fill in the details in Tax paid and make sure that your tax liability is 0 before submitting the return. Is this step completed before you clicked submit button?

      1. Yes I have paid the e-tax through challan 280 but after that I could not find any option to make the liability as 0 so I submitted the return as it was. Can you please help me to link it now?

        1. Hi Prashant, If you have made the payment, you would have Challen 280 details like Challan serial number, BSR code etc., while filing income tax returns and make sure your income tax liability is zero. can you please check your income tax returns mail what you would have received from Income tax efling site and see what is the tax in that? If there is tax liability, your tax payment is not through or done for wrong financial year. If it reflects zero tax liability, then you don’t need to worry

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