1. Dear Suresh ji,
    My child ppf account is matured and he is still a minor.When I approached the SBI bank,the manager told me that you cannot close the account.only your child can do it after he will become major.so you extends it for 5 years.Pls suggest what to do.

    1. Since your child is not major, you can extend for another block of period. You would get better interest in PPF compared to FD. You can extend Rajneesh

  2. Dear Suresh ji,
    when I try to open a/c for my two kids (3 month old) in Punjab national bank, they said the minor should be 10 years old or above. Is it so ? please clarify.. thanks in advance

  3. Does it make sense to have a PPF account in thename of a minor studying in India, while parents currently ar NRIs and hence do not have an active PPF account?

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