1. Hi,

    Like to know which types of deposit is best monthly or yearly? As I noticed on online calculator maturity value is difference between monthly and yearly deposit. Kindly help

  2. i have been working IT company already i have the PF account. Can i still go ahead and create the PPF account.

    1. PF stands for Provident Fund where employee and employer contribution is deposited. PPF is Public Provident Fund which any individual can open. The tenure is 15 years. You can open PPF account.

  3. Hi Suresh,
    I want to invest in PPF in order to get tax saving for this year 16-17. Can you guide me on my investment .or give me your contact details

  4. Hi, Suresh Thank you very much for this informative article. I want to open PPF account in Next month (March) and deposit whole amount. Once i deposit whole amount in March, i cant add more amount in April. As i can pay whole amount at once should i open PPF account in March or open the PPF account in April this year and deposit the amount at once.

  5. can you provide some info on withdrawal process for PPF account (one time/ monthly pension both), and how a pension amount to be received is calculated

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