How to Earn Money from YouTube – 10 Simple Steps

How to Earn Money from YouTube – 10 Simple StepsHow to Earn Money from YouTube – 10 Simple Steps

You might be aware of the fact that people are minting quite good bugs via posting videos on YouTube. Many young people are fascinated towards creating good videos. Some people think how to earn money from home. With such passion, they can even earn good money through YouTube video monetization. How to earn money from YouTube in 10 Simple Steps? Can we really earn good money from YouTube? What are some of the tips that can help you to make decent money through the YouTube platform?

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What is YouTube?

If you are already well versed with YouTube, you can skip this section.

YouTube is a website where one can create and upload their own videos, share and like them. Millions of users have created their accounts on the site that allow them to upload the videos that everybody can watch. Video files are too large to be shared easily through email. So, by posting a video on YouTube, you can simply share a video by sending the other person the ‘URL’ Link, the address of the relevant internet page. YouTube, LLC is an American-based company whose headquarter is situated in San Bruno, California. The website was launched in February 2005, and soon Google bought the site in 2006. So, YouTube is now one of the subsidiaries of Google. If you have login and ID with any of the google, you can login to YouTube too.

How to Earn Money from YouTube – 10 Simple Steps

Below are the 10 simple steps given to earn money from YouTube.

Step 1- Build your own channel

You can login to your YouTube with any of the google account. Alternatively, you can create your own account on YouTube website ( Each account represents one channel attached to it. A YouTube account will grant you access to other Google products like Gmail, drive etc. You can add key words to the channel by navigating to the advanced section of your Channel settings to help people finding it easily. When you create a channel, keep in mind that you are creating a brand. Hence a unique name should be considered.    

Step 2 – Add content / Videos

Upload the videos of high quality. Make sure that it is super-interesting and not too long. Be active in uploading the content regularly (e.g. 3-4 videos in a week). The content or video can be improved with the help of better quality cameras or editing software and techniques.

Step 3 – Gain audience

Building more and more audience is the key to make money and it can be done only through quality content. Send the video across other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to subscribe your channel. Subscribing is an essential part of becoming a partner. You can take help from your friends or fans so that they can promote your videos on social media sites.

Step 4 – Fulfill the requirements

You need a minimum of 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers to start earning money from YouTube.

Step 5 – Monetize your videos

Till this stage, you are not earning money. You might be thinking how to make money on YouTube. In order to earn money from YouTube videos, you need to enable monetization. This means that you are allowing the YouTube to place advertisements in your videos. This also indicates that you acknowledge there is no copyrighted content in your video. If you have not accepted the terms and conditions yet. Simply go to Youtube –> Creator Studio –>Channel –> Monetization (click here to go straight there..)

Step 6 – Set up Google Adsense

You can set up Google Adsense for free at the Adsense website. Adsense is a Google product that shows advertisements for automated text, images or videos that are targeted to site content and audience. Sign up to the website to begin creating your account. You must be 18 years or older to create your own account. If you are younger than that, you will have to take the help of an adult.  You either need a PayPal or a bank account and a valid mailing address as well as other information  for the verification of your identity to Adsense and who to send money to. You only gain per ad click and a smaller amount per view, but it adds up over time. This way you can get money from YouTube.

Step 7 – Have a check on your analytics

Once you have some monetized videos online being viewed, you can check out the analytics on them to see how they are performing. Check the option of ‘Analytics’ in your Channel Menu. Here, estimated earnings, ad performance, video views, demographics, etc. can be seen.

Step 8 – Market your videos somewhere else

Don’t just rely on YouTube. Advertise your videos as much as you can through blogs, other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter. By sharing the link or embedding the video on the internet, you are enhancing the chances of getting it noticed. There are video specific websites lie Vimeo, Metacafe, Veoh, etc. where you can promote some of your videos to gain popularity.

Step 9 – Become a YouTube partnership program

YouTube partners are the ones that possess monetized videos with a large number of viewers. In order to gain the position of partnership, one must have 15,000 cumulative watch hours for your channel over the last 90 days. YouTube partners gain access to more content creation tools, and contests like win prizes for the maximum viewers. They also get much more community support and tips. You can apply to YouTube partnership at any time through the YouTube partnership page.

Step 10 – Increase your YouTube revenue

You can increase your YouTube revenue with Supp. Me services. Supp me allow to create polls and quizzes for free. You can just create a small quiz or questionnaire for your subscribers and invite them to answer. The more people visit the page you created on supp me, the more you earn. This is an excellent way of getting feedbacks and ideas from your subscribers as well as increases your earnings.

Can we really make money through YouTube?

Making money through YouTube is not as easy as seems to be. It is really a tough job to get a large subscriber count. It takes a lot of time and effort with excellent and constant good content to get to the threshold of earning. But, yes, you can definitely make money through YouTube.

How much money do Youtubers make?

This is difficult to answer as it would depend on brand of YouTube channel and the monetization that is being done.  Some sample statistics are given below.

5,000 Daily Video Views can earn anywhere between USD 7.5 to USD 10. This would be approx. Rs 500 to Rs 700 per day.

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Here are some quick tips to become successful in earning money from YouTube

1) Select a good brand name for your YouTube Channel. Unless you are famous personality, don’t put the person’s name for the YouTube channel.

2) Create own content. Do not copy the videos from other websites and post it.

3) Create unique videos. Don’t post similar videos continuously unless there is some uniqueness in that.

4) You can make a group of 3-4 members who can post these YouTube links on social sharing sites. They can create a FB page or Twitter Pages. They can create groups on Linkedin, etc., This way collectively they can help you to achieve the goal of earning money through YouTube.

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How to Earn Money from YouTube – 10 Simple Steps

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