How to create an e-WILL online at HDFC Securities?

How to create e-WILL online with HDFC SecuritiesHow to create an e-WILL online at HDFC Securities?

One of the important aspect of financial planning is writing a WILL in favor of your family member. While the manual WILL process is time consuming, recently HDFC Securities have introduced a new feature called the e-WILL where you can generate WILL online by entering your details. While online trading has made investing easy, e-WILL service makes WILL services easy and simpler.  HDFC Securities has collaborated with Legal Jini to offer this service. How is this online e-WILL facility of HDFC Securities? What are the features of this e-WILL? Is it secure with online e-WILL facility of HDFC Securities Limited?

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What is WILL and is WILL necessary document?

If you are aware about this, you can skip this section.

Wikipedia defines WILL as “A will is a legal declaration by which a person, the testator, names one or more persons to manage his or her estate and provides for the distribution of his property at death. For the devolution of property not disposed of by will, see inheritance and intestacy”

If you have not done a WILL document, your loved ones may not receive the assets which you would own in the event of the death. WILL is a legal document that sets your wishes regarding distribution of your property and care of any minor children.

Before you proceed further, you should compile the list of assets and debts you own.

How to create an e-WILL online at HDFC Securities?

Step by step process of creating online e-will is enclosed below.

  • Visit website
  • Click on value added services on the right hand side
  • Visit e-will section. You can directly click this link to go to e-WILL section.
  • Give full name, mobile number, email ID, City and Submit
  • Pay Rs 4,000 + taxes online through net banking or credit card or debit card
  • Update gender, religion, occupation, residential status and assets you own.
  • Fill personal details about your family
  • Fill full assets details
  • Provide details on how to distribute assets after your death.
  • You can fill information up to 60 days from making the payment to HDFC Securities.
  • Email is generated with the your legal WILL in word document.
  • Sign the document in front of witnesses.
  • If you wish to register the WILL, you can visit the registration office along with witness and register the document. However, registration of WILL is not mandatory as of now.

Is it secure?

Apart from HDFC Securities, NSDL e-Governance also offers such service as joint venture with Warmond trustees and Services. Both such ventures have a track record of handling large scale sensitive data and assure confidentiality. 

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Should you consider creating online e-WILL facility of HDFC Securities?

Not necessary. You can visit any attorney / advocate and create a WILL for the properties which you own. However, you can maintain complete privacy in the creation of the WILL if you are doing with e-WILL.

Conclusion: New products / features keep coming. HDFC Securities e-WILL facility is one such new feature. While I have not used it personally, I felt this was one good feature introduced by HDFC Sec. You need not visit any attorney / advocate for creating it. This is simple and WILL can be done at low cost.

Readers, have you used this e-WILL facility? What are your experiences?

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How to create an e-WILL online at HDFC Securities

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