How to check EPF Balance online through mobile SMS with UAN?

How to check EPF Balance online through mobile SMS2How to check EPF Balance online through mobile SMS with UAN?

We all know that EPF balance can be checked online. Earlier EPF has created UAN login details and recently EPF office has created a new feature of knowing EPF Balance through mobile SMS through this UAN number. One can know the EPF balance through mobile without logging into the EPF website. What are the steps to know EPF balance through mobile SMS through UAN? What is the process to activate UAN if it is not activated on your mobile yet?

What is the Universal Account Number?

When an employee would change jobs from one company to another company, he used to have a different PF number. This is a cumbersome exercise when an employee changes various companies. EPF Office has enabled Universal Account Number which would be unique number provided, to the employee and his provident fund account is linked to this. If an employee changes from one company to another, this UAN remains same, hence no need to transfer an amount to the new company PF account.

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How to check EPF Balance through mobile SMS with UAN?

To know EPF balance through mobile SMS, you need to have a Universal Account Number which is activated on your mobile. This is indicated on your Salary slip, if not, please contact your employer to know this.

Step # 1 – Type the SMS as below

EPFOHO UAN <Select Language>

<Select Language> Could be in 10 different languages

  • English – ENG
  • Hindi – HIN
  • Telugu – TEL
  • Tamil – TAM
  • Punjabi – PUN
  • Gujarati – GUJ
  • Marathi – MAR
  • Kannada – KAN
  • Malayalam – MAL
  • Bengali – BEN

Typically, your SMS can look like this EPFOHO UAN ENG

Step # 2 – Send the SMS to 7738299899

Step # 3 – You would get EPF Balance, KYC Status, the Last PF contribution made, and total PF balance as of date.

EPF Balance through mobile SMS

FAQ’s on checking EPF Balance on mobile SMS

1) I sent mobile SMS, however, I am getting error message “INVALID SERVICE CODE INPUT. VALID SERVICE IS UAN”

Looks you are not sending SMS in the correct format. It should be simple like “EFPOHO UAN ENG”. You can change ENG to respective language code. Beyond this, don’t make any change to the code.

2) I do not have UAN, from where can I get it?

UAN is a unique account number provided to employee. This would be available with your current employer. Majority of employers is indicating UAN in payslips along with PF number.

3) I sent mobile SMS and got a message that “No UAN is activated with this mobile number. Kindly activate your UAN”. What should I do?

This service can be availed only for UAN activated registered mobile numbers. You need to activate your mobile number to UAN link.

4) What is the process to activate UAN based registration?

  • Visit
  • Click on the UAN member e-save option
  • Click to activate your UAN based registration
  • Select I Read instructions options
  • Enter UAN number. This is provided by your employer in your Salary slip. If not, approach your employer.
  • Enter mobile number.
  • Select State
  • Select Office from available options
  • Enter establishment Code (Max 7 digits). This is part of your PF number. PF number looks something like this “TN/MAS/12345/5678987”. The digits 12345 indicated in this sample is establishment code.
  • Enter extn number. Max of 3 digits. Leave if you do not have it.
  • Enter Account number – Max 7 characters. This is part of your PF number. It would look something like this “TN/MAS/12345/5678987”. The digits 5678387 indicated in this sample is Account number.
  • Click GET PIN
  • You would get  PIN to your mobile number.
  • Enter PIN and you would get your registration details to your mobile number.

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5) I have activated UAN on EPF site, however when I send mobile SMS, it still gives error.

UAN registration would take 48 hours time. You can get your EPF Balance on mobile only after 48 hours after registration.

6) I have queries on UAN and KYC, to whom I need to reach?

If you have any queries on UAN/KYC queries, reach EPFO Toll Free No. 1800 118 005 from 09:15 AM to 05:45 PM on all 7 days of the week.

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How to check EPF Balance through mobile SMS

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